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Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Woman

Have you paused to think recently, that perhaps you’re not paying your woman enough attention?

Have you been missing little things that she’s been doing  by any chance, things that she’s had done to that already highly attractive body of hers?

No, it’s not that new hair-do that you’d not noticed for three full days, nor that make over that everyone else had complimented her on after she’d had it done – Except you that is. Nor her nails after she’d had that expensive manicure and then there’s her breasts, magnificent aren’t they, but then they’re another story.

It’s something else, something in addition to that, like the Brazil she’s had, that at first, somehow,  you’d also failed to notice, that is not until she’d pointed it out to you. You’d been shocked to learn that she’d had it done, but then absolutely loved it, showing it no mercy whatsoever later. You liked it then didn’t you?

“A Brazil huh?” You’d grunted at her totally disinterested. But yes, she’s had a Brazil down there, hasn’t she? How could you possibly not have noticed? But then you don’t notice anything about her do you?

But truthfully think for a minute. Can you be absolutely sure that she’s doing all of this solely for your benefit? Or could it possibly be for someone else? Someone with whom you’re now unknowingly sharing her with?

Lost a bit of weight too hasn’t she, her figure isn’t it delightful, much trimmer isn’t it, but then you’d not noticed that either had you? She does go to the gym now, but it’s not only there that she’s been getting a work out you know. Have you any idea how much weight a serious session of sex can shed? A really good fucking? – Pounds and pounds and she’s lost loads. Now that’s not all at the gym that she’s achieved that goal.

And tell me, who was it that put the idea in her head of becoming as she is now in the first place? It certainly wasn’t your idea was it? Hot is an understatement. She looks fucking hot. And she’s happier isn’t she, have you noticed that too?

Perhaps it’s someone who does notice more about her than you do, someone she’s beginning to like more than you because he pays more attention to her than you do? Far more attention.

Perhaps it’s time you should start paying more attention to her?

But then it may be too late anyway.

Because her lover, the one she’s having the affair with isn’t always too tired and doesn’t moan like fuck when she wants to cum a second and third time.

He’s got way too much of a head start on you anyway hasn’t he?


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