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The Invitation

‘Katrine, I’ve a real big problem,” my boss sighed to me. “I feel really bad asking you, but maybe you can help me solve it. Can you cook by any chance?” And I told her that whilst I wasn’t the best cook in the world, I could manage to rustle up more than a mean spaghetti bolognese if the need arose.

“Good, that’s excellent,“ she says, “because tomorrow evening I’ve this contingency of rather important business men flying in from Korea and I’m meant to be giving them dinner at my place, but I’ve just heard that the bloody caterers I’ve organised have screwed up big time, the idiots and I can’t get anyone else at such short notice.

If you wouldn’t mind helping, I’d be so, so grateful. What we can do, if you agree to help that is, is tomorrow afternoon you can finish early and then we can go over together to my place and between us get the preparation done and then you can help with the dinner itself.

Of course you’ll be more than welcome to stay the night, have a few drinks, I mean you’ll get paid overtime as well, so I’m sure that’ll be of a help you. You’ll be getting well paid and of course enjoying yourself to bout.” But then she looked around shiftily, as if there was someone listening, but we’re the only one’s in the lift. She reached forward and put her hand on my arm.

“God, this is so difficult darling, I don’t know quite how to put it, it’s going to sound all wrong, I know it, but you’d have to be, how should I say, friendly, yes, friendly, with them.” She laughs, shakes her head, “I mean, friendly, but not that friendly, of course, goodness, I mean, I wouldn’t be expecting you to sleep with any of them, no, forget I said that, no not that sort of thing, no, not at all.”

She’s flustered, not her usual self, but her hands are still on my arm and she’s staring into my eyes, confidently, trying to read them, “I wouldn’t expect that of you, no, of course not, not at all.

Unless that is, you know, unless you wanted to.” She stopped for a second, saw we were nearly on the ground floor and her time’s nearly up and if I’m to be persuaded, she’d have to finish it now. “But then if you did want to, you know, get friendly, that would be quite a different matter, but I’m sure it won’t be necessary, of course it won’t happen and even if it did, it would only be one or two of them that you’d have to be friendly with. We could talk bonuses hear. Big bonuses. So what do you think?”

The lift doors open and she was as always in a rush, wanted a decision, to know there and then. To be honest I suppose what I should have run a mile but then I couldn’t see any harm, I’m a big girl, can look after myself and I quite like Stella, it sounded like fun and I said yes to her, that I’d love to help.

“Oh thank you Katrine, thank you.” she says and I’d never seen her smile quite like she did then, sort of as if she’d leveled with me, but not completely, that there was something else that she should have told me, but hadn’t. I followed her out through the doors and as she was rushing off down the steps in the opposite direction, the last moment she turned and shouted back to me, “And make sure you wear something sexy Katrine, just in case, you know, you have to get friendly, get some of those aged Korean cocks less limp than they already are.” I smiled and nodded to her, but was I ever feeling curious or what? “And by the way,” She whispered, “I take it that you are shaved down there and that you’re on some sort of contraception, you know, just in case?”

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