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So Deep Inside

In the small damp smelling dingy attic room with a tiny window through one could just make out the untidy courtyard below, Esmerelda lay on her side, unable to sleep. Through the bare cracked dusty wooden floor sounds echoed from below. Laughter, merriment, cries, the raucousness from those engaged in acts of a sexual nature. She still couldn’t believe that she too would almost certainly be making similar noises soon.

The door to her room closed just as quietly as it had opened. She opened her eyes wide but didn’t move. She knew it had to be him, her first one, Mrs Foretise’s goffer, Jed, coming to collect his dues. With each new arrival at 23 Richmond Crescent Jed was allowed just the one time. Anything he wanted he could do. But he knew there were limits. Mrs Foretise didn’t like the new ‘uns marked or maimed. That would be bad for business. It was all for the money and she’d make sure they’d be earning it. Bruises and cuts put the punters off.

“Hello” he said as he lit a candle. “You must be Esmeralda?”

“Yes.” She replied, still laying on her side uneasily.

“Come on. I ain’t got all night.” He pulled the covers off the bed and as she sat up and rubbed her eyes she saw his breeches half undone, his half erect cock bobbing free.

“What are you doing?” She asked stupidly and he laughed.

“You and I are going to get to know each other a little better, that’s what.” His cock was inches from her mouth. She knew what he wanted. Without him asking she took a deep breath, cupped his balls in her little hands, closed her eyes and took him in her mouth.

How could she possibly protest? After all this was her chosen profession. From what she’d heard this was tame. The undignified abuse she could expect from some of the clientele she’d be entertaining at Richmond Crescent would be much worse. Besides, apart from him reeking of tobacco and a missing front tooth Jed wasn’t that bad looking. She’d also decided that it would be better not to make an enemy of him and let him do what he wanted. He could prove useful to her in the future and having him as one of her allies could bring benefits.

As he held her head firmly in his big hands not allowing her to move, she felt him still and chuckling to himself he came forcing her to swallow.

“There my luvely, That wasn’t so difficult was it?” He said as he pulled out and with the back of her hand she wiped away the semen that dribbled from her mouth, her big brown eyes looking at him pondering what depraved act was coming next.

“Well. You’ve surpassed yerself with this one my lad.” Another gruff older male voice said. Esmerelda, jolted in surprise, startled.

He was one of Jed’s “customers”, a stocky rather unkempt looking man in his fifties, a friend of a friend of one of his drinking partners from the hostelry over the road, the Swan. With a few coins pressed into Jed’s clammy hand the man was here to claim his purchase.

“Now let’s see what pretty jewels lie under here shall we?”

Jed stood back to lurk in the shadows and as he took the pretty scalloped lace ruff collar of Esmerelda’s nightgown in his big hairy hands the stranger grunted and began to pull it open. One by one the pretty little buttons, each delicately decorated with a different wild flower, yielded from its lacy buttonhole, ’til finally, with a bit of a tug on the last one at the bottom, she was exposed. Goosebumps appeared on the pale flesh of her firm heaving pert not so little breasts and the man enjoyed watching her as she squirmed in her nudity. Shaking his head, he drew in a sharp breath.

His fingers brushed her inner thigh, rough big clumsy fingers.

“Ain’t she just a real beauty? Shame really.” He ran his fingers up and down her legs over her soft curly dark hair, pressing a little uncomfortably against her pelvis. “She be far too pretty for the likes of us you know.” She felt him, feeling around, poking her here and there, his big fingers pressing a little into her soft pink fleshy parts as he examined her.

“Well I suppose I’d better get on and do the deed. Got the missus at home waiting for me.” He laughed. “With the brats.”

Smacking his lips he undid his brass buckled leather belt, ran his tongue round his mouth then pulled himself out.

Through a tangled mess of pubic hair, his erect cock, while not so long was nevertheless thick and hung meatily from between his legs with testicles to match. Not bothering to ask her, he pulled on her ankles, dragging her further down the bed and pushed her legs open. He climbed up between her spread open limbs the bed groaned to his weight. He straightened an errant hair or two from her face, stroked her cheek and as his large red tip nudged hard up against her she hid a wince.

“Now I got to be careful with ya ‘cos I hears your a virgin.” He said as if her cared. He tried to push in a little and she cried out. The man scowled, tried again and now he cursed.”Yer too fucking tense bitch. You’re making yerself too bleedin’ tight for me. Relax yourself will you.” It had made him annoyed and he was clearly frustrated. He wanted his dues. He tried again and still getting nowhere, he lifted his hand to strike her when quick as lightning Jed intervened and grabbed the big mans fist in his.

“No” Jed cried. “No. Wet her up a bit. Use yer fingers. Get her excited.”

The big man swore again, but as Jed released his big hairy hand he placed it on her abdomen, holding her down, while with his other he dove between her legs, and she wriggled as he prized her open with his fingers. “One hell of a dry cunt if ever I felt one. Now let’s see if i can get this bitch a little wetter.” First one finger wriggled its was way into her, then as another followed suit, with the long dirty fingernail of the thumb of his other hand he began teasing roughly on her little nub, now and again nipping on it as he rubbed it roughly.

He increased his tempo, ramming his fingers in and out of her, giving little grunts of excited glee as he did. Feeling her little bud swell to his touch he rewarded it by rubbing it harder and as he felt his fingers begin to slip in and out of her with less and less resistance he smiled. As she rode each and every jab of his fingers she now groaned softly, moving her lower body to his thrusts, the sound of her wetness as his fingers plunderd in and out od her vagina now quite noticeable and he knew she was almost ready..

Finding her spot inside she moaned louder and bucked, lifting her slim child bearing hips as she screamed. With her back arched she shivered, clenching and unclenching her hands as she orgasmed the man laughed. “I’ve given the bitch a freebe orgasm. I think she should pay me don’t you?”

He took his hand away from her slickness and getting her to open her mouth stuck his fingers in, he  forced her to suck on them.

“I hope yer ready for a fucking now missy.” Taking a deep breath, Esmeralda nodded.

Pulling her further down the bed so her feet were on the floor, with each of his meaty big hairy hands he held her firm under her thighs. She took a deep breath and with no easing this time he pulled her straight onto his shaft, penetrating her in one swift move. As he sank in, the feeling of the velvet softness of her tight wet vagina on his swollen cock was unparalled with any one of the countless other slack cunts he’d had the misfortune to be intimate with and in this young vagina he became lost.

“Your big.” She gasped thinking it would be a good thing to say and it was. She tried to kiss him but the man wanted non of that, all he wanted was to plant his seed deep in her belly. Overcome in his lust the lack of her maidenhead had been totally forgotten and now pistoning in and out of her he could do nothing but thrust again and again. Faster and faster he went, each time she’d raise her slim hips to meet his, his paunchy hairy belly slapping into her dainty frail lilly white body and as his cock stirred her, rubbing on her little nub, she began making those noises she’d heard the others making earlier. She so wanted to kiss and to be kissed, to have him squeeze her breasts, just be touched, anything, anything at all, but engrossed solely in his own gratification he gave her non of it. He paused, his big hands gripped her legs even tighter and with his cock buried to the hilt inside her with a deathly groan he began his release.

“Don’t you do it in me.” She cried and reluctantly, too slow for Esmerelda’s liking, the man withdrew out spewing his sticky seed over her.

He pulled up his breaches, mumbled something to Esmerelda, bade farewell to Jed and he was gone.

“You alright?” She nodded. “He get any inside you?”

“A little.”She replied.

“I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.”

“Here,” Jed said holding a jug of water and a large chipped bowl in his hands with a towel tucked under his elbow that he’d got from somewhere. “You’d better douche.”

Crouching down over the bowl Jed had placed on the floor a wad of semen leaked from her. Jed handed her the jug of water and as she poured it over herself rinsing away the stickiness from her breasts and belly with her hands he watched his mouth slightly open.

There was enough inside her. If it was the wrong time of the month, he just hoped she’d not get caught.

He passed her a little sponge. She doused herself between her legs pushing the cold wet sponge deep inside her, her fingers almost losing touch with it. Retrieving it she pulled it out, washed and squeezed it, its semen laden milky white colour clearly evident and if ever there was a more erotic sight, then this had to be it and Jed didn’t bother trying to hide his excitement he’d be taking his chances with her soon anyway.

Besides at that precise moment he had another matter on his mind that he needed to address. That man. The one who’d just done it to her. He couldn’t fail to notice, but once he’d played with her a bit, he’d gone in with no trouble. So ether this posh bitch had been no virgin or somehow unwittingly this man had just robbed her of her virtue. Either way now she was definitely no longer intact and when Mrs Foretise found out she’d have Jed’s testicles skewered and eat them for breakfast.

As he watched Esmerelda push the sponge back up into herself for the second time and in her crouching position as cramp set in, she wobbled unsteadily and had to grab his leg to steady herself.

“I wasn’t a virgin.” She told him quickly but calmly in her well educated accent, as if she’d read his mind. “My uncle. He took it.”

“Yes, well I’m sorry too Miss Posh Bitch, but you’ve no idea. Mrs Foretise, when she finds out, she’ll go fuckin’ berserk.” Times were hard and for a woman who was penniless there were but few choices. They could either work themselves to death in the workhouse and for those who were lucky enough to have the looks, their was the bawdy house. Or of course, if they so chose, they could starve.

The prettier ones, they chose the bawdy house to sell their womanly riches, but there were too many and they queued up to get into   Mrs Foretise’s premises. It had only been because of her well educated accent (there wasn’t much call for chit chat in this line of business but her posh demise would definitely generate more cash for what she did) and of course the fact that she’d told her she was still a virgin. That was a big plus and she’s been let in.

“My father owed my uncle a great deal of money to my uncle. It was some business deal that fell foul. When my father couldn’t pay, first my uncle took my mother. He got bored with her so one by one he worked his way through all my elder sisters. Then one day, it was my turn. But please, don’t tell her I’m not a virgin.” She pleaded with him but he laughed.

“Don’t tell her?” He was noticeably nervous now. “And what happens when Lord Whatsisname or whoever gets his cock up inside you? He ain’t going to be so chuffed when after he’s paid all that dosh he finds out someone else has been there first is he? At the least he’s going to want his money back. And as for Mrs Foretise, what of her reputation amongst her clientele? No, I’m going to have to tell her.” But he couldn’t help but notice her nipples, such sharp looking edges, like corks, a good quarter of an inch or more. They seemed larger than life and he needed to suck on them. Her hand was still on his leg. He crouched down before her he took the sponge from her and she placed her hand on his shoulders

“I’m afraid you got quite a bit inside you. I’d better make sure you got it all out.” He doused it water and as he pressed it up into her he felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders. She licked her lips. The little sponge had filled her. It was an odd sensation, him doing it and her spread open sex ached. “We’ll leave it there a while so it can soak up any that’s left shall we?”

“Yes. Maybe that’s a  good idea.” She agreed. He noticed her lick her lips again and she wobbled once more, almost toppling over but her hands on his strong broad shoulders steadied her. She so wanted him to touch her and with his thumb he did, he found that part of her that was begging. He rubbed on that part of her that was so swollen and he liked her soft moan to his touch her fingers digging into his shoulders again. she closed her eyes and his mouth couldn’t resist and the softness of his tongue on her nipple sent a shiver reverberating right down her spine to the ache deep inside.

“I think we’re done.” He said, reaching down there and quickly fishing out the sponge. He helped her up and carried her to the bed. She watched eagerly as he undressed. She spreadeagled herself, desperate for his penetration’

He climbed over her and she was beneath him, her lilly white skin so pale but somehow, like her, intoxicating. She muttered something but he couldn’t make it out. She moved her face closer and he felt her soft lips on his, he couldn’t help but notice the wetness in big brown her eyes. She kissed him again, she felt his hardness against her, more than a blob of pre-seminal fluid on his tip.

“Put it inside me.” She breathed, stroking the side of his face with the tips of her soft fingers. She felt him fumble down there.

“Don’t think I ain’t gonna tell.”  But he was in her wetness and then he too was wrapped up in the wet warm confines of her silky smooth vagina. Their pubic hair tangling and mashing as she ground herself hard against him she returned every one of his thrusts with gusto and he could do nothing but gasp. Their mouths hungrily locked together, faster and faster she returned his thrusts, and too quickly she felt his orgasm building and he began to pull out, to jettison his arousal over her, too risky to stay inside.

But her hands still gripped his buttocks strongly and she implored him to cum inside her. Squeezing his cock like a vice with her vagina, she held him there, allowing his seed freedom to course into her, something he’d never been allowed to do before with any woman for fear of making them with child.

Needing her perfect breasts, he kissed her passionately, biting on her nipples as he inseminated her, spasming, jerking and spewing his semen deep into her young body. His cock still spasming they lay in each other arms and within a minute or so of the final twitch she relaxed her still tensed vagina and he climbed off her. Stumbling a little, he pulled his drawers back up and without a  word between them, casting a quick glance at her but lacking a smile, he left the small room, almost certainly to report to Mrs Foretise. Esmeralda was on her own, wondering what on earth the outcome of her fate was to be and she blew out the candle.



Mrs Foretise lowered her reading spectacles and raised her eyebrows. He stood in her doorway fiddling with his cap which he held in his hands, which she noted to her irritation, were dirty again, after all she’d said to him. She shuddered when she thought where they’d been and prayed his cock didn’t follow suit.




“Sorry ma’am.” He said looking at the floor as she beckoned him in and fumbling with the door latch he closed the door behind him. “I’ve just been with the posh one.” She smiled.


“You mean Esmeralda?” He nodded. “Good. So, how was she? Is she going to meet my expectations? Mr xxx is coming tomorrow and he’s already paid in full. Handsomely I might add, so come on, tell me all young man.” She leaned forward her plentiful breasts awarding him more cleavage than he cared to see at that precise moment.


“She will more than exceed your needs ma’am.”


“You did get you cock up inside her didn’t you, you felt her, but you were careful, she is still intact?” There was a knock on the door. One of the girls and she looked perplexed.


“Yes?”Mrs Foretise asked in an annoyed tone.


“Ma’am. There’s a gent at the front door who is demanding to see you.”


“What’s he want now? It’s late. Tell him we’re closed and to come back tomorrow.”


“I did. I told him we’re closed, but he’s persistent says he’s a friend of Mr Nightingale.” Mrs Foretise nodded.


“I see.” Old Mr Nightingale was not only very wealthy but was also one of her best clients. “I think you’d better show him up.


“I wish for my twenty one year old son to come of age and loose his virginity to one of your.. “ He coughed, “Ladies.” The gent explained. “But there are conditions. I don’t wish for him to go down with any nasty diseases.


Firstly she must be still innocent, an untouched virgin and secondly I don’t wish for him to do it with the regular common sort, if you understand me. I’ll pay well for the right girl. Very well, but she has to be right.” Mrs Foretise smiled. He surely would and Mr xxx would have to go disappointed, but she’d make it up to him.


“Difficult I’m afraid. This isn’t going to be easy. Not in the slightest.”


“I can assure you Mrs Foretise that money is not an issue here.


“Let me think.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “No, I,,,” She started, then as a smile spread over her face said “There is someone. Just the right girl as a matter of fact a couple of years or so younger than your boy.” He looked at her expectantly, his eyes pleading with her that this was going to be the right woman who’s soon rob his youngest son of his innocence and rob it in style.


“Prey please enlighten me would you.”


“She’s my niece. Pretty little thing. Long blonde hair, nice figure, lovely ripe breasts, the longest legs, he can get hisslef all wrapped up in her while he does her. Well educated too, talks posh like you does. I’m sure I can coax her into doing it with your son if the money’s right that is.”


“And this young lady. I take it that she is still innocent?”


“Of course. The finest ripest innocent untouched peach of a virgin you’ll ever find ready to be plucked, waiting for your son’s cock to plunder away her innocence.”


“What if she doesn’t agree?” He asked. She laughed.


“Oh. She’ll agree.” She laughed. “Have no worries. Now shall we sort out the pound notes?”


As he left he turned and said,


“This is a great deal of money I’m paying. I don’t wish to hear from my son that I’ve been short changed. I expect him to engage this girl in intercourse to the fullest degree and mark my words, if he doesn’t get the fullest possible satisfaction Mr Nightingale will get to hear of it.”


“Have no fears. Your son will have the time of his life.


Once he’d gone xxx who’d been stood idly in the background through all this asked,


“You ain’t got no niece.”   She shrugged took his face in her fingers and squeezed rather hard.


“He isn’t to know is he my lovely?” And she leased her forceful grip.


“So tell me.” He asked rubbing his face. “Who is this sweet innocent virgin you’re going to conjure up then?”


“Why stupid. Esmeralda of course” He’d forgotten all about Esmeralda the look of shock on his face Mrs Foretaise misread as that of enlightenment. He was about to blurt out that Esmeralda wasn’t quite what she thought but changed his track and rapidly going over the proceedings in his mind he came up with a plan and thinking it through again he heaved a quiet sigh of relief at his own cunningness.


An inexperienced lad pumping away at Esmeralda’s silky smooth vagina wouldn’t have a clue as to what a virgin was meant to feel like, especially if she was to give him as good a time as he’d had. A few moans and cries as he penetrated her the first time, an ooh and an aah lavished here and there, it should fool him into believing he’d just deflowered her. He’d have to brief Esmeralda later, once Mrs Foretaise had finished with him that was, for she had that wanton look about her.


“Now then.” She purred. “All this talk of sex and money has aroused me no end.” She stood in front of him, her eyes wild, her mouth open, her pendulous breasts heaving as she panted slightly. She ran her fingers over his bulging crotch and was pleased at what she felt, but it wasn’t for her, it was thinking about Esmeralda and what he’d be doing to her later.


Looking lustfully up into his eyes she put her hands to his breaches, tore open the buttons and as he sprang free she hitched up her skirts. Slapping away his dirty fingers she grabbed him in hers and guided him hungrily to her insatiable wet folds, not concerned nor paying heed to Esmeralda’s arousal now tacky, which as she slid his thick throbbing member into herself, she must have felt.











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