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Sex with my Neighbour’s Boyfriend

Last night I went next door to meet my new neighbour and we chatted over a couple of drinks. She’s really nice and then she had a phone call and said I’d have to leave because one of her boyfriends was coming over for a while, giving me a wink.

I was on my way out when he arrived and he was big, around 6 foot 6 in his early thirties. My neighbour’s a lucky girl I thought, but damn her, she didn’t want to share.  While she made him coffee and they chatted in the kitchen, I peaked in this carrier bag he’d brought with him which he’d left on the coffee table. Fuck, he’d only got some toys in there. I sneaked out and left them to it.

A while later, I got up to go to the toilet and saw something on the doormat by the front door. It was the side of a Kellog’s Cornflake pack and there was a message scribbled on it.

“Like the look of you babe. I’d like to see more. Call me.” And there was a phone number.

Shit, did I want him but I felt guilty as hell – this was Christine’s boyfriend after all. I sent him a text back, told him where I hid my front door key. Whatever happened, I didn’t want Christine to know.

I waited and waited, then, disappointed, thinking he must of gone with some other woman, I must of fallen asleep.

Around three I woke up startled. The covers had been pulled off me, my nightdress pulled off me and there was my neighbour’s boyfriend standing over me naked with his massive cock erect pointing towards my bared pussy and he had a massive smile on his face.

“Hi babe. That pretty pussy of yours want some of this?” I bit my lip, lay back and spread myself for him.

“Just don’t let Christine know.” He was on top of me, his huge cock already nuzzling hungrily at my entrance.

“Oh, don’t worry babe. She ain’t gonna mind.”

“Watcha you mean, she ain’t gonna mind?” He laughed and stroked my hair.

“It wasn’t only my idea that I came round.” We kissed and I gasped as he began to push that cock of his into me still sticky from the fucking he’ given his girlfriend. “She wants to get real friendly, have a threesome – you know, me, her, you, sometime.”

He thrust again, I drove my fingernails into his back I must have taken all of him.

“Yeah.” I gasped. I’m into that. Now give it to me, please, fuck me hard, fuck me real hard with that big cock you bastard.”

I still feel so guilty though, him and me doing it, his girlfriend just the other side of the wall. I’m sure I’m not going to be able to look her in the face ever again. Not yet anyway.

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