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Sex On a One Night Stand With An Alpha Male

[usr 10.0] For a woman there’s far more to having sex on a one night stand than she may realize. Forceful animal instincts still prevail even today which can drive her emotions strongly, which may push her into having sex on that first date, but only with the right sort of man.

She’ll be paying far more attention to her appearance than normal, painstakingly applying her make up, perhaps dressing a little more seductively than usual, suspeners, stockings sexy lingerie a must, certainly far sexier than she normally would and while she won’t realise it, when she goes out on that date, she’s not only on the look out for a partner to share her life with, but she’s also on the prowl for something else. She’s on the lookout for a male. An alpha male. To mate with.

In the animal world, it’s described as being on heat, where the female comes into season, to mate as many times as she can while she remains in that aroused state. But in order to be able to produce the strongest fittest offspring, something in her genes will drive her, egging her on, refusing the others, to seek out the strongest, fittest of the males, and to have sex with them and like wise, the strongest and fittest males will fight each and every one of the weaker contestants for the privilege of having sex with this female.

By mating, she’ll have  taken what it was she wanted, then she’ll slink away, to have the offspring reared not by the one she’s mated with, but by the more faithful but lesser males that she’ll also have had sex with, but only once her coupling with the alpha male has taken place, for it’s the alpha male’s semen alone she wants and from those, as they propagate and flourish within her, she expects to bear stronger, fitter offspring.

But in the human world how is all this related to sex on a one night stand? Well, women are astute creatures are they not and on that first hot date, even in the early stages, as she toys with her prawn cocktail, already she’ll have him well and truly fathomed out.

The alpha male is such a beast he doesn’t know when to stop, but he just knows the female is highly attracted to it. Certainly she will not have missed the flirtatious looks he’s been giving her. In fact she’ll have been lapping them up, and he’ll know his persona is making her want him, making her all wet down there, a definite flush to her face as her nipples engorge and her vagina opens and swells, her body in need of sexual gratification with him, the alpha male.

But astutely, nor will she have missed him as he flirted, albeit subtly, with that bimbo waitress. She’s a female. It’s in the genes of an alpha male to flirt and if he doesn’t have sex with his date, he’ll be having sex with that waitress.

With his deep gravely voice, handsome chiselled good looks, as selfish and as big mouthed and loud he may be, he’s an alpha male and subconsciously her animal instincts will kick in and she’ll need to have sex with him and doesn’t he just know it, the smug bastard?

But, after she’s had the most outrageous sex she’s ever had in her life, afterwards, deep down she knows that he won’t call her and while initially she’ll be upset, somehow her instincts will be telling her that alpha males rarely make the best long term partners anyway and she’s better off without him, and if she should end up pregnant, she’s better off rearing the offspring with a more faithful non alpha, but boring as hell male.

But if she does want any more, she’ll know where to go won’t she?

Sure. The alpaha male will always help.

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