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Sex On a First Date

So, there you are, you’ve been single for longer than you care to remember and at last you’ve stumbled on someone, some really good looking hunk who’s not only well hot, but ultra dishy too and you’ve shown your best friend his photos and she’d like a slice of him too.

“Keep yer hands off him bitch, he’s mine,” you hear yourself shouting at her.

So you’ve established he’s definitely unattached right, and from his profile and all the endless texting and messaging you’ve done between one another you feel confident enough to know that he’s not only ticking all the right boxes, but also he’s pressing all the right buttons too.

“Where the hell has he been all my life? He almost seems too good to be true. There must be some ruddy catch?” you cry. But hey, cheer up, there may not be a catch you know, because these things do happen, you could really be on the verge of meeting the man of your dreams. At last.

The Hot Date – You’re at the Restaurant, and You’re Swooning Over Him

And now at long last you’ve met up with him, you and he are on your first date and wow, instantly, you feel there’s a real attraction and you’ve gone all mushy – He’s even better than you’d hoped for and you’re desperate to get your clammy talons into him and keep him all for yourself.

You’ve Finished Your Meal, you’ve then gone Dirty Dancing and Now it’s Time For Bed – Should You Share it With Him? 

And now after you’ve had one of the most fabulous times of your life with this oh so handsome man, the evening’s drawing to a sad close and he’s offered to drive you home. He’s stopped, just two doors from where you live. You stare out of the window, longing for his touch. You feel his hands on you, you gasp silently, you allow yourself to be drawn towards him, he wraps his arms tightly around you, tells you you’re the best girl he’s ever known, you look into his eyes, they’re as lustful as yours, he sees you open your mouth to him and his lips are on yours and you’re kissing, madly, passionately and you’re asking yourself that awkward question that you’ve been asking yourself all evening, come to that, for the last week – ‘Should I ask him in and if I do, should I let him have sex with me?’ He kisses you again, he’s stirring you deeper, deeper.  ‘If I let him, he’ll like me even more, won’t he? It’s logical.”

And you do ask him in and he’s in your flat, sipping coffee and listening to music as steamy as the mood your both in and you’re so aching down there, so sorely tempted. You want him.

He kisses you, you allow his hands to roam where no decent girl should allow them to roam, but you don’t care you so want them there. He takes your hand, guides it to his pocket, you give a little gasp as you feel the condom that waits. He doesn’t ask though, his eyes are enough.

“Yes darling,” You whisper back to him heatedly as he probes your ear with his tongue, longing for that tongue to be pressed on you somewhere far more intimate. And your eyes, pleading you whisper back with heat in your faltering voice, “I’d so love to have sex with you. Let’s do it.”

But stop! Stop right now, before you start tearing each others clothes off and ripping that condom out of it’s foil wrapper, stop, because you’re faced with a real dilemma. You’ve done it before, haven’t you? Is this not déjà vu? Ask yourself what happened then?

That’s right, the last time, you thought he was Mr Right as well didn’t you, in fact you were so enamored with him, he’d sweet talked his way between your legs and he’d had his wicked way with you before you could say boo to a goose and after all the sweet talk and the promises he’d made as he stared longingly into your eyes, stroking your hair, kneading your breasts as he made love to you, “You’re so special – I feel as though I could fall in love with you – I’ll call you – I promise, blah, blah, bloody blah.” And after you’d let him have liberties with you, given him the best sex he’d ever had in his life, did you hear from him afterwards?

No! Of course you didn’t. He’d had what he wanted and you never heard from the fuckin’ bastard again did you?

Sleeping With Him, Well it Just isn’t Going to Work is it?

And deep down sleeping with a man on a first date, well you just know it ain’t gonna work. You’re giving him the greatest possible virtue a woman can give to a man. Something so precious it should be reserved for someone you truly love and him alone. Not some guy who’s out to get lucky with you on a first date.

Yes, yes, maybe you still want to chance it and hook him  and no doubt you’ll give him the wildest possible sex he’s ever had in his life, but that’s not enough, no way is that enough. He’s a man isn’t he? Only out for one thing aren’t they? If you let him have sex with you on that first date, you’ve handed it to him yourself on a plate. You’ve been far too easy.

He’ll have shagged you and got what he wanted and he’ll be off, on to the next gullible lonely girl and there are plenty out there I can tell you. Odds on, you’ll never ever hear from selfish bastard again. He won’t answer your messages and should he pass you in the street, he’ll either totally ignore you or at best look sheepishly away. You’ll want to rip his heart out, but you can’t because he’s already done that to you.

Of course sex is important in a relationship, but my advice is get to know one another better first. Much better. Any half decent man will respect you far more for it and you can then count on him answering your messages and I guarantee (almost) that he’ll be turning up for your next date too.

So, Should I Sleep With Him on The First Date?

In the end, as with any advice, it’s entirely up to you. If you feel there’s enough chemical attraction there and you really want to, then go ahead, sleep with him. Otherwise, until you feel it’s the right time to do it, make sure you keep your legs well and truly crossed. Don’t rush into things. Especially when it comes to sex.

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