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Seduced by an Older Woman

I didn’t live so far away, been passing through on the way over to the store where I worked,  saw this large Chevvy 4×4 pick-up truck parked up badly on the side of the road, wrecked tyre, ripped to shreds it was. A woman, I saw her, waving frantically, trying to get someones attention, others ignored her, too busy, but I pulled over to see if I could help, got out of the car and went over. She smiled at me, her eyes telling me how much she appreciated me stopping and as I got closer I was real pleased I had.

She had to have been twice my age, I guess in her early forties, svelte would have described her to a tee, a little make-up, not too much, bright red lipstick, with an outliner and over her long lithe legs the tightest of tight blue denims with a long sleeved top in yellow that sort of clinged to her, and a big leather bag, yeah, I remember that well with a two inch strap that she  wore over her shoulder, the strap in a diagonal across her, pulling the top in between her ample breasts leaving little to the imagination as to what pleasures awaited beneath. High heels looked out of place on some women, but not on her and her fingernails, fuck, I couldn’t fail to notice them too, couldn’t miss them, red as hell they were and so long, really long, she’d have struggled with a knife and fork let alone a wrench. This was no woman who carried out regular chores around the house.

“Lee-Ann,” she told me, in a soft real feminine voice.

“Hi, I’m Matty.” I replied.

“Matty, thanks a bunch for stopping. I’m real grateful.” She purred back.

It was a real warm day. I tugged off my top, pulled the spare from the back, the woman standing close by, closer than I’d have liked a man to stand, but this was no man and no way did I mind.  I could get her scent, expensive perfume,  Chanel or something, all the time she watched me, eyes like a hawk. Not watching what I was doing, just me, her eyes burning into me but chatting real friendlily, very friendlily telling me all about her damn useless cell phone, her bone idol husband, by the time the spare was fixed in place the only thing she hadn’t told me about was when she’d last had sex, which by my reckoning wouldn’t have been all that long ago. Not as a professional of course, not that sort of woman, no, she just had this way about her, an aura, a damn big aura. Her appearance, the way she dressed, how she looked after body, her mannerisms, her choice of of words each with an undercurrent of sexual innuendo, everything pointed to the fact that she was one sexy lady. She was sex on legs.

“There, finished.” I told her.

“Here handsome, wipe yourself up with one of these, I always carry Kleenex, case I get all sticky and messy.” She passed them to me, her hand brushing mine as I took them from her.

“You know natty, with a body like yours you must give your girl a real good hammering.” Her hand fell on mine and the look she gave me, such a look, I couldn’t do anything but stir down there.

“As if.” I replied with a half a nervous laugh, feeling I was already out of my depth. She looked surprised. “You see, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Her hand rocketed from mine.

“You not some sort of damn queer are you?” Her tone had changed.

“No, course not.” She looked relieved. “It’s, well, I just don’t have a girl, not at the moment anyhow, that’s all. ”

“Oh, Matty, that’s such a shame. But you have had one haven’t you?”

“Of course. The one I had, she went back to college a few months along, we sort of don’t see each other anymore. I think she got someone else.” She smiled, her hand came back, found mine.

“So no girlfriend, huh? So what does a handsome young man like you  do to keep amused, may I ask?” Her hand traveled up. She touched the side of my face, then traced her forefinger over my lips. I shrugged.

“Go to bars with my friends, shoot some pool.”

“Look honey, let me make myself plain here. I ain’t interested in shooting no pool, nor drinking Budwiesen. I mean what you do for sex, you know?” And she spelt it out “S-e-x?” Again I shrugged my shoulders.

“Nothing I guess.”

“It’s just that, well, I live up on Lincoln Heights, you know where that is?” I nodded. “It’s the first big house on the Heights, you can’t miss it, rambling and painted all green, set well back from the road. Now you see, my husband’s away real often,  I get real lonesome up there.” She pouted. “now, if I’m about you’ll see this Chevvy truck parked up round the front some where.” Her hand moved to my pants. A blind person could see I was listening. “Now hold yourself still, ‘cos I don’t want to waste no time with a little dick do I? “She stared into my eyes, the back of her fingers brushing along my length, as she calculated my size and a quick squeeze to determine the width and i obviouly passed with honours as she smiled.

“Fuck, for a young ‘un you’re pretty handy down there aren’t you Matty. You could make me a lot less lonely with that.” She paused looked me up and down then added, “I could put that body of yours to real good use.” She squeezed my hand as hard as fuck then gave me this Godamn sultry hot look. “So babe, if your interested in giving lonesome ol’ Lee-Ann some badly needed company and you’re in the neighbourhood, make sure you look me up honey.” I watched her slink herself up into her truck, the denim pulled in real tight into her fold. She started the engine, the truck rocking as she gave it a rev, reached into that big bag of hers, took out her phone then more or less demanded my number and she scared me so much, I gave it to her.

With sub zero sex in six months, I guess I wanted to get laid and Lee Ann had all the right credentials to get laid with, but could I do it? She smiled, thanked me again, then drove off in a flurry the tyres squealing and smoking, leaving me with something I needed to take care of.

Hey, so she’d be the first married woman I’d had sex with but she certainly wouldn’t be the last, but then I was pretty damned sure that I wasn’t the only guy she’d been breaking her marriage vows with. (to be continued)



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