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Revenge is Sweet

What on earth had I been doing? I’d been drinking, far far too much, then a little coke, just a little, or so I’d thought, but perhaps on reflection too much.

One thing lead to another and she’d come home early, just walked in, caught us, together, me, him, a son of one of my clients, my new best friend, in bed, naked.

“What the fuck?” She exploded, her shrill screams at the sight of us, me with him, almost made my brain bleed.

Shock, horror. After she’d calmed, eventually, she told me categorically – I had no choice. I had to redeem myself and there was but one way and it had to be under her vengeful eye in front of him .

And she forced him, made him help her truss me up and between the two of them they tied me, hung me from one of the beams on the ceiling  by my wrists – And now I was at her mercy.

She kept on and on at me, saying how disgusting I’d been and how she’d find it difficult forgiving me.

She grabbed me by my hair, pulled my head back so sharply, almost yanked my head off, the bitch.

“I’ve no choice. I’m going to have to whip you aren’t I?” I knew she had one, she’d played with it, with me, but just played, but I knew she could inflict pain if she wanted and now she wanted.

I knew it was pointless pleading. She was determined.

And as she raised the whip and brought it down on me so cruelly and it began its cutting, biting into my flesh, again and again I screamed, my poor friend unable to do anything but look on, the sounds of my wicked wife’s foul mouthed dialog adding to the awful scenario.

“Take that you fucking queer. And that. No condom, Jeeze. I hope you both die of aids.”

Then after God knows how long, she stopped, just stopped and I was so grateful I began to cry.

“There.” She said panting wildly as she relished in her humiliation of me as she watched my squirming ebb. “I hope you’re satisfied. I could  put up with you having your cock up another woman, almost, but, fucking a boy. Indeed.” She pushed on my bottom with her foot, the heel of her stiletto prodding into me sharply, then I felt something, the whip handle, and she toyed with it, pushing it against me where he”d been moments earlier.

“If I ever catch you again, I’ll be doing the fucking – but it will be with this.” And to demonstrate she tried her damned best to push it into me and again I screamed, but the large circumference of the bulbous part of the whip’s handle was far too wide, thankfully, no way would it fit. But she didn’t give up easily, she gave it a good try, then with a sigh gave up. “Next time, I’ll get it to fit,  I promise, and you’ll get every last inch of it. She was silent for a few seconds, but now I felt her hot breath on my neck.

“Hmm.” She said. “I’ve just noticed something.” She squeezed me. “Goodness.” she said. “How hard you are.” She squeezed me again, harder, painfully harder, her fingernails cutting into me. “In fact, how can it possibly be? How hard you are? After all it’s obviously not women you like is it?” She brushed herself against me.

“Looks as though it could do with some sort of attention doesn’t it. Would you like me to….” And she pushed herself hard against me. “Let’s see how queer you really are shall we?” She pulled her dress up, pulled her panties to one side. I could see her excitement. And no doubt, so could my friend.

She stood before me, ran her fingers through my hair, brushed me, just brushed me with that area of hers I longed for.

And she found me and I was almost in, it would be the first time in ages, with her, I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, it felt….blissful.

I needed this, her, only a few seconds, inside her, that’s all I wanted and I’d be spent.

But she pulled away, with a jolt, it wasn’t to be was it?

“Oh. I clean forgot. This erection, this painfully large throbbing penis you’ve got. It’s not for me, is it?” She slapped it really hard first with her right hand, then her left. I winced with pain. “It’s for him,  gay lover boy isn’t it? Do you know something? I’m jealous.”

She picked up the whip and moved away from me, towards him, to my friend, my very good friend. Idly she ran the back  of her hand over his baby smooth face. I was worried for him.

He cowered from her, knowing what she’d just done to me, uncertain and frightened as to what it was she was about to do to him .

“Cute, isn’t he and what lovely long golden locks.” She felt them, ran her fingers through them and I knew exactly how soft they were. “Just like a woman’s hair isn’t it? A girl’s in fact. He’s so young and almost pretty isn’t he.” And reluctantly I swiveled round and gaped, saw his face ashen, petrified.

“Oh, but look. Well I never. What an enormous surprise. Guess what. Look darling, look. Why, he’s all stiff and hard as well. Just like you. A pair of stiffies.” She cackled. “Except darling, I’m afraid on size he wins  by a mile. In fact, he’s quite a bit bigger isn’t he?” She took him in her hands and gave him a rub.  “Goodness, look, now he’s even bigger.

He’s got to be what, two, three  inches longer and quite proportionally thicker too. But it can’t be for me can it? It must be for you Jeffrey. Tut tut. What an awful waste.” She ran her hands over his bare chest, as hairless as the rest of his young barely matured body and he winced as she tweaked one of his nipples in her fingernails, baring her teeth as she pinced it sharply, watching his reaction.

“You know, I could quite fancy him, if he wasn’t so…. you know, that way inclined. In fact, I could… ” She paced around him, looking him up and down, stroked his buttocks, his thighs, his smooth hairless groin and his cock, especially his cock, my cock and all the while she tapped the whip she still held against her thigh rhythmically.

Exhaling sharply she announced her decision.

“Would you mind waiting there darling?” She asked me. “I’m simply going to have to take him….. but not her. Elsewhere.” I had no choice and I watched as she took him by the hand and started to lead him away.

The unfaithful bitch. I’d known for some time that I wasn’t the only one, maybe I wasn’t that faithful, the difference being that she was screwing members of the opposite sex and now she wanted to add my boyfrend to her ever growing portfolio of lovers. So that was alright then.

“No, please. He’s my friend. No.” But my pleas fell on deaf ears. She just laughed evilly, ordered me to shut up or else and for him to stop cowering and follow her. As she got to the door she turned and said,

“Sorry Jeffrey, but In a few minutes, lover boy here is going to be my friend too.”

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