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Rebecca’s Seduction

“So, come one Jen,  tell me, who can me and my little sis ask along to our party on New Year’s Eve? Know anyone, suitable? One of your chummy classmates maybe?” Rajhid, passes her a soggy joint and she takes a long drag on it whilst she tosses the question about in her head.

“There’s too many of ‘em knows you and what you gets up to, that’s the bleedin’ trouble Rajhid. They’re shit scared of you. Soon as I mention yer name, they run a bleedin’ mile.” She took another long drag.

“I’ve told yer before, why the fuck mention me, you fuckin’ idiot?”

“Well, ok, I s’pose, I could try that, but I dunno. There’s Wendy, she’s a bit thick. Could try her.”

“She’s a fucking ugly bitch, no way.” Exploded Nina, Rajhid’s sister who Jen feared even more than her evil brother.  She’d heard stories, awful stories, of what she did with some of the boys if they were stupid enough to cross or upset her – and it wasn’t nice – She was supposed to keep a piece of one of them in a matchbox at home.

“So who bleedin’ else?” She aked.

“Er, well there’s Rebecca, she’s in the class below me, but then, thinking ‘bout it, no, maybe not.”

“Why, what’s wrong with her. She deformed or summit?” Nina demanded.

“No, no, she’s actually very, very pretty, but,”


“But, she’s been going out with this bloke, since like, forever.”

“So fucking what?”

“I’m not sure she’d want to come. Rather stay at ‘ome, watch the box ‘spect.”

“Is that the bitch what’s goin’ out with that tall bloke, the blonde fucker from that cold place up north where the bleedin’ polar bears live, what’s inner that bleedin’ bird watching shit?” Nina asked, suddenly interested.

“Yea, bingo – she’s the cunt. Thing is, thinkin’ ‘bout it…” Jen was smiling smugly.

“What for fuck’s sake?” Rajhid asked, his impatience getting the better of him.

“Well, thinking ‘bout it, back in the summer, while her boyfriend was away like, I ‘eard stories that she’d been getting, you know, kind of bored. What I ‘eard, she’s been off with some bloke. So’s maybe you’re in for a crack.”

“And she’s definitely pretty?”

“Yes, she’s well pretty, promise. Long black ‘air, like the darkest of eyes I’ve ever seen in me life, long fuckin’ legs, tall, big titties, looks like a fuckin’movie star. I fuckin’ ‘ate ‘er. Wish I could look like the bitch. Tell yer what. She looks like that bird what’s in that new tv series, Darling Buds of May.” Nina whispered something in her brother’s ear. He nodded and smiled.

“You mean Catherine Zeta fuckin’ Jones?”

“That’s ‘er. Jus’ bleedin’ like ‘er.”

“You’re kidding?

“I aint Rajhid, on my life.”

“Fuck, she’s gorgeous.” Nina and her brother whispered something.

“My sister says she knows her – she’ll do very nicely. Invite her Jen. Don’t care how you do it, just invite her.”

“I’ll give it a try Rajhid. Know ‘er boyfriend’s away for a few more days. Not promising nothin’ though.”

“There’s thirty smackers in it for you Jen, if you get her to come, plus I might throw in a bit of shit, if I’m really pleased that is. But if she turns out to be dog…..”

“Don’t worry.” Jen replies emphatically. “She’s aint no fuckin’ dog. Promise.” Nina takes the joint back from Jen takes a final drag from it and then flicks it at her, hitting her in the face, sparks flying everywhere. As Jen, reeling from the impact curses under her breath, Nina asked,

“Now, who the fuck else can we invite?”

Edmond was waiting in the street for a bus a few days later. He’d been in Norway visiting his parent’s for a few days over Christmas and New Year, when Rajhid, in his flash car, spotted him and screeched to a stop and wound down the window.

“You wanna lift?”

“No, I’d rather take the bus thanks.”

“Your choice mate. By the way. That Rebecca of yours, fuck, is she ever a horny little bitch.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Edmond snapped back angrily, clenching his fists , ready to throw a punch at Rajhid through the open window. Rajhid laughed back at him cockily. It was a chance meeting, Edmond studying for a degree in engineering, Rajhid, his second year in chemistry. They both attended the same university in Brighton, but their courses, so different, they knew one another but Rajhid with his reputation, Edmond made sure their paths rarely crossed.

“You’d better ask your girlfriend. All I can say is that me and my mates enjoyed that snug little cunt of hers the other night no end. Had ‘er wrapped nicely round our cocks we did. And that cute little ass of hers, now that’s something else“. His smug smile made Edmond want to kill him, but as usual Rajhid had two or three of his big cronies with him, protecting the cocky little shit.

“Thing is, by the time we’d finished with ‘er, she weren’t quite so tight no more. You not noticed? – Here, this is for you, a souvenir, a nice little video we made of the occasion for you to watch, with your loved one later.” He cackled. “She can talk you through it, fuck by bleedin’ fuck.”

And stunned, more angry than he’d ever been in his entire life, on the verge of lashing out at this repulsive man, he snatched the video from Rajhid’s hand and stormed off – Rebecca had some answering to do.

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