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Older Woman Takes Advantage on Dance Floor

So there I was at our school’s end of term prom, not with some hot chick but with my frigging parents of all people. How embarrassing. Every single one of my friends was with a girl and I was the only one with their parents. I had had a date but I’d been stood up, well and truly stood up and as governors at the school, my parents, they’d been there too and they’d insisted I join them.

I’d been staring down at the floor, wondering what was wrong with me when out of the blue this woman comes over. She was old, had to have been in her thirties or forties I guess, but quite attractive, even cute I suppose.

“Can you do dance?” She asked me. I was just fourteen, of course I couldn’t and I shook my head.

“No, please, leave me alone. I can’t dance and I don’t want to dance.” Some of my friends were looking over and smirked. I just wanted to die.

“Go on, it’ll do you good Will. You’ve been sat there glum all evening. Go on, dance with the pretty lady.” My mum egged.

“Yeah, after all she’s not gonna eat you.” My dad said laughing. If only he’d known how close to the truth was.

“Come on Will, up you get, I’ll teach you.” She said laughing and giving me no chance to refuse, she took both my hands pulled me up and walking backwards she tugged me along behind her and dragged me out onto the dance floor, my parents both smiling like Cheshire cats.

“Now, put your hands above my hips. Not like that.2 She tutted. “Here I’ll show you.” And she demonstrated by taking my hands and putting them on her just as she wanted me to hold her. “That’s better, much better. Now, hold me, close.” She ordered huskily. “No not like that Will. Closer.”

And she pulled me even harder into her, there was no distance between us, she had her body pressed right up to mine and she felt delightfully warm, I remember that, her breasts were squeezed right against my chest and her crutch, well that was well pushed up hard against me too and all the time my parent’s watched, smiling at me, so it had to be alright, I was only going to dance with her after all, wasn’t I?

“There, that’s it Will, that’s the correct way you hold a woman. It was midsummer, it had been a mighty hot day and she wore this thin cotton floral print patterned dress with no bra or anything underneath and I could see her cleavage as it plunged ungainly down between her pert ample breasts and as she held me I can still remember her warmth, the heat that came from her and it made me feel warm too. And excited. One hell of an excited. “Now, listen carefully to the music. Get the tempo and move yourself to it’s rhythm. Keep in time with it and flow with the music.”

Putting her hands on my shoulders I followed as she instructed, that thin dress she wore, my thin short pants, too thin I decided, pressed up to each other like that. Fuck.

It was an intimate slow number, not difficult to follow at all and I soon got into it, but I have to say in all my short life I’d never ever been so close to a member of the opposite sex, never, not even my own mother, certainly not all intimate like this. “That’s it you’re getting the hang of it. You’re a real good dancer.” I wasn’t convinced.

I’d have been five feet six then, she was an inch or so shorter, by my calculations not only must I have been right on her sex, she was having me press right into it, had to have felt it there, she must have done. Every little movement she made with that hot body of hers worked at me in ways it shouldn’t and I couldn’t control myself, I did what young boys do at fourteen when they’re laying in bed thinking of some girl they’d like to do it with and as much as I fought it, I grew bigger and bigger down there. But when laying in bed, it’s possible to seek relief isn’t it and with a few jerks and a wipe with a few tissues it’s gone. But here, on the dance floor, right in front of everyone,  my parents, my friends, her, what was I to do? I was going to burst any minute, explode all over this woman.

The music changed, an even slower smoochier number. I definitely needed to sit this one out and I made to pull away from her, but she wouldn’t have any of it. “I love this one Will. Please, stay. Dance with me, just this one.” So reluctantly I stayed and I so wished I hadn’t.

Her hands were all over me now, why she had to put them on my buttocks, pulling my lower body even harder against hers I don’t know, truthfully she  couldn’t possibly have pulled me any closer, my poor aching thingy had to have been poking in amongst her fleshy folds.

She’d already looked kind of weird, sort of glassy eyed, like my mum does when I know she’s going to have sex with dad and now she looked even weirder than that, had this haunting wild animal lustfull look in her eyes.

She changed her movements, started jiggling herself about on me not at all in time to the music and as she jiggled faster and faster her breathing, fucking hell, that got faster and faster too. I was about to shoot my load in my pants when she seemed to be breathing real hard, sort of toppled a bit,  grabbed me by my shoulders to steady herself, then digging her fingernails deep into me I heard her gasp so loud, then closed her eyes tight and sort of flopped in my arms as she went all weak.

“Are you alright?” I asked her in all innocence, still having to hold her up, thinking she must have had a heart attack or something. She’d stopped dancing, she had to, just stood there sort of swaying about a little for a second or two, not in tempo with the music, then slowly, regaining her composure she smiled at me as if nothing had happened.

But I couldn’t help but notice her face, shoulders and that cleavage of hers were all blotchy and red and she had this bead of sweet on her top lip and it was only then I realised she’d brought herself off on me and it was then I exploded in my pants.

“I’m fine thank you.” She whispered back to me, hoarsley. Somehow, even though she was still wobbly, we finished the dance then she let me go, thank God, I had to clean myself up.

As she moved away I couldn’t help but notice the front of her dress was stuck to her down there, sort of tucked up in between her legs.

Was that my doing or hers I wondered? But I never got chance to find out and sadly I never saw her again.

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