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An Encounter With The Neighbor Next Door

It all started when we had this knockout neighbor move in next door to us. She was absolutely ravishing and I soon learned to my delight that she was unattached, in her late thirties and I simply wanted her. To me as a randy juvenile, with her dynamite body, blonde hair, and well proportioned breasts, she ticked every single one of my voyeuristic boxes, in my book, at least, in spite of the warnings I know my mother would have given me had she known what I was up to. She was lovely, absolutely lovely and whenever I got the chance (which was often) I’d ogle her, big time, candidly of course, and wanked myself blind. After all I was only fifteen,


However after a few weeks of my voyeuristic activities there came a time when I over did things. One afternoon I’d been prying far too hard out of my bedroom window, fantasizing over her as I did so frequently, unexpectedly, she lowered her sunglasses and before I had a chance to duck out of sight, looked straight up at my window and saw me.


But rather than getting all irate, she put her sunglasses back into place, brushed something off her sumptuous well formed breasts, settled down and carried on sunbathing as if nothing had happened. Ten or fifteen minutes later she rolled over onto her front and I lost sight of her perfect breasts with those large puffy nipples, but at least in the meantime I’d had time to jerk myself off  three times.


A few days later I was delighted to discover it wasn’t to be the last time she’d enthrall me with her semi naked sunbathing antics, because it happened again. Why she chose to do it in my full view when there were so many other places which offered more privacy that she could have chosen I didn’r know. Perhaps she got off on me watching her.


The highlight of the year had to be later that first summer when me and my folks (Mum and Dad, I have no brothers or sisters) were invited over to her place for a barbecue and after that first time it became a yearly occurrence, and it was something I’d look forward to for months beforehand.


However there was a downside to this. Every time we went round there I’d get so wound up, so much so that when she eventually did speak to me about something, I’d be so tongue tied I’d fluff what I said, and my words would come out too fast or get them in the wrong order no matter how hard I tried, how hard I concentrated and it happened every time. I’d simply get too excited. She must have thought me a complete dork. But it was only being in her presence that made me do it.


It was my final year at school and I was off to college in the fall. We’re there again, at her place for that annual summer barbecue (she’s seen me ogling her so many times now, but she’s never ever said anything, just some lingering eye contact. But that’s it, nothing else has happened.)


We’d been at her place since mid afternoon. It was now early evening, been a real baking hot day, the sun’s not quite gone down and its still real warm. Mum and Dad have long gone home as being a Sunday its work tomorrow, for some anyway, and the two pretty girls I’d been chatting to, a daughter from one of the other neighbors and her friend who’d recently moved to the area had also left and shortly after that my friend Pete left too.


There were just a handful of other guests and they’re lingering as I was. I know most of them but there’s no one my age now. I’d almost finished my beer and I was thinking of going home as well and as if reading my mind, and she comes over and talks to me and there I go again, fluffing my words  but this time as I’m saying things all wrong she lightly touches me on my wrist and calmly tells me to relax and speak slowly and as I take some deep breaths I can’t believe it, because I find I’m no longer tongue tied. Maybe its the beer, I don’t know, but I talk normally and I’m delighted with myself.


It’s as if I’ve had it all bottled up in me and as my words flow freely I tell her all about what I’m going to do, the college I’m off to and what I plan to do for a career. In fact that evening she learned everything about me that I’d wanted to tell her over the last three years and it just flowed out of me. She really seemed interested, smiling and nodding as she listened intently and I forgot to tell you she’d got this new jacuzzi, and I’m in my swim shorts with a top on and she’s got this shawl on that almost touches the floor but even so I can see under it she’s wearing a real revealing swim costume that I’ve not seen her in before and I can’t help myself but get this stiffy.


We’re well away from the handful of other guests and she asks me if I’m not too warm wearing my top and she somehow gets me to take it off. With a drink in one hand her free hand comes out and its resting on my chest and she’s licking those lips of hers that I so want to kiss and quietly she tells me what wonderfully broad shoulders I’ve got.


She asked me if I’d a girlfriend and I when tell her no she’s amazed, but smiles He’s a virgin she thinks and she’d be almost right, but not quite. There’d been a birthday party at a friend’s place and I’d met a girl, Cherise I think her name was. She’d seemed keen on me. We shared some beers, a lot of beers actually and upstairs in one of the bedrooms we’d got off on each other, and while other couples made out around us I’d almost got my tip inside her. But it was messy, real messy, I’d got too excited, most of it going over her. So in my books it didn’t really count.


A couple of guests came over, neighbors saying farewell and she takes her hand away from me and now it’s just me, her and a couple of other stragglers.


She tells me to get myself another drink and stay there and she goes over to talk to them. Moments later they’re gone too and she strolls back over to me and without a word takes my drink. I look at her puzzled and she tells me she wants to ask me something and I’m thinking I know what’s coming.


She kicked off her espadrilles, took off her shawl and slipped herself with that body of hers that I so wanted to fuck, (albeit still clad in that swim suit but it didn’t take much to work out what treasures were waiting in abundance below), into the foaming water of the jacuzzi. Taking her lead and believing she wanted me in there too I was about to join her when she asked me what the hell I’m doing and to stay exactly where I am.


“No.” She told me emphatically. “Before I allow you to join me, you’ve to take off those shorts and then and only then you can join me.” The look on my face made her laugh. “Come on in its lovely.” She purred playfully as she splashed me with the water.


So there I was, stood but a few paces in front of her and I was in two minds whether I should just tell her to fuck off and go home. But… there was part of me (the animal part of me that lurked inside) that desperately wanted to see where this would all lead and that part is stronger and it wins hands down and I opted to stay.


So stupid does as she says and for some reason I was stood there, shorts off, naked as a new born, my cock dangling, (except its not, its rigid), and she’s lying in this jacuzzi that you could more than easily get a football team into and she smiled at either me or my cock, I can’t tell which because she’s those dark sunglasses on.


“Good boy,” She said “Now come on. Hurry up and get in.” So I’m in the foaming water, with her, and I’m relieved it’s (my cock) hidden from view and she directs me to sit directly opposite her so I do, after all she’s in charge.


“Lovely isn’t it?” She says as I lay opposite her trying my utmost to relax it certainly is, sort of. I just wished I wasn’t naked that’s all.


“Hmm, yes, its fantastic.” I tell her and I’m kind of relieved that she can’t see my hardness, thank goodness, well concealed under the foaming water. She must have known it was still there though and engaged in idol verbal intercourse I was trying desperately to relax, idly rubbing my cock as we talked.


“So how many times have you jerked yourself off while you watched me?” She asked taking her sunglasses off and putting them up on the top of her head so she was able to see me better and I kind of knew something like this would come, but all I could  do was go bright red and shrug. “You’ve no idea how many times I’ve been thinking of you watching me from your bedroom.”

“I errr,.. I’m sorry.” I started, but couldn’t come up with anything else to say.


“Oh, please don’t apologise. It’s given me some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.” I shrugged again but I noticed her speech was becoming stilted and as she let out a soft moan, it dawned on me that she was frigging herself off right there in front of me and I can’t do anything but squeeze myself harder and I’m finding it difficult to catch my breath and announcing my imminent ejaculation, as she moans I give a groan and I close my eyes and as I hear her sigh in orgasm I can’t stop myself.


“Yes, yes, yes,” I cried, thrashing my arms about and all the fantasies that I’d had about her, every single one of them, unraveled into one big one. How can I do anything but cum and there I am, right in front of her, the woman I so want, so need, cumming hard as I’ve ever cum, firing my sperm torpedoe-like out of me through the surface of the water, to have some of it splatter on her as hit her shoulder. Still panting she laughed and as she rubbed it into her skin, started to ask me something which unfortunately I didn’t quite hear and when I asked her to repeat what she’d said, she seemed embarrassed by whatever it was she’d said, told me it was nothing and that I had to go. Without even a kiss on the lips she had me out of that jacuzzi so fast, telling me, I thought coldly, that it was late and she was expecting someone. I put on my shorts pulled on my top, and left.


As I’m walking away there’s this guy who I’ve never seen before at her door. Of course she had male friends, many of them, but as far as I knew no boyfriend in particular.


She’s still in her swim outfit and she opened the door, and as she greets him they looked real cosy together. They kissed and embraced passionately, right there on the door step. They don’t seem able to wait and as they hurry inside they’re still kissing and she’s already pulled off his jacket and as the door closed I wondered to this day if she’d wanted me to stay for a three way tryst and changed her mind but what can I do about it?


After our spell in the jacuzzi she had to be gagging for a fuck and I’m certain that they were at it as soon as the door closed and there’s this image in my head of them sprawled on the hall floor, him between her long legs, fucking her hard, but as she came I held this vain hope that she was thinking of me rather than him.


Its a few days later and its evening and there’s someone at the door. I’m up in my room and I want whoever it is to just go away. But they’re knocking and knocking being real persistent and I shout down for Mum or Dad to answer it as I know it’s got to be for them.


But then I remembered they’re at some function and as the knocking goes on I have no choice but to go downstairs and open the door and when I realised it was her wearing a robe and looking kind of distraught and as my cock sprang to action stations I can only melt. Explaining that she’d just taken a shower when she heard what she was sure was a prowler or something outside the back of her house, and she couldn’t be certain but she was sure she saw someone, or something skulking in the shadows.


She’d called the police and it was now more than half an hour later and she was still waiting for them and she thought she’d just heard the prowler again, so here she was and as my folks were out, would I mind coming over, to wait round there with her until the cops arrived?


As an alternative I invited here to stay at my parent’s, but she said she had this project to finish for tomorrow and she needed her office to get it done. “Office,” she said with a little laugh, relaxing a little in my company, “It’s really a bedroom with all my work stuff in it. But I can’t get my work completed without it. Just stay with me until the police have been would you, please? She pleaded, taking my hand and squeezing it and I could feel she was still shaking  So how could I disagree? But at the back of my mind I did wonder if this was a ploy to get me round there so she could take advantage of me.


However if it was a ploy she’d done it very well because the police did actually come, eventually anyway, and they searched the grounds but found nothing. They said whoever it was had probably long gone by now and that there wasn’t much they could do, but they’d ask for a patrol car to keep an eye on the area.


Recommending someone stay the night with her, as they left she looked at me hopefully. She was still in her robe, and all I could think was, was she going to ask me to stay and was she still naked under there. I suppressed the thought, the second one anyway, after all this was a serious situation wasn’t it?


And she did, she asked me to stay and squaring it up with my parents, she made up the bed in the middle room for me. I said she didn’t have to but while I took another check around outside she made some sandwiches for me and while eating those and downing a beer or two I watched a bit of tv. Meanwhile she’s beavering away at her work I think and me, I’m bushed so I decide to go up to bed, but before I do I decide to take advantage of her earlier suggestion, I take a shower and I’m in there, and she comes in and without a word leaves a towel for me on the vanity.


Why I turned myself away from her so she couldn’t see me, I don’t know. She’s already seen it anyway. I’m drying myself and I can hear her on the floor above. Out of curiosity I wonder into her bedroom and notice the wet towel on the floor that she’s forgotten from earlier which she left after she heard the prowler. I pick it up and hold it to my face I’m sure I can smell her. Rubbing myself dry with her towel, I give my cock and genitals a thorough drying hoping that’s the part of the towel she used between those long legs of hers.


An hour or so passes and she’s still in her “office” upstairs on the top floor finishing off her work and I’m lying there. I’ve peered out the window several times but there’s been no sight of the prowler. I’ve this enormous stiffy, but I can’t jerk myself off. Not here.


At some early hour the door to the room opened, the light from the landing flooding in and waking me. Its her and she comes into the room troubled saying sorry for disturbing me but she thought she’d heard something and could I take a look.


Telling me to be careful I took a flashlight and had a look outside again. But I saw nothing and I reassured her that the police were patrolling the area.


“I’m ever so nervous,” she said. “Would you mind if I stayed here in the room with you?”  There were twin beds in there, I wished there’s been a double. Of course I agreed, I’d have been nuts to.  The light goes out, I’m in my bed she’s in the other, still wearing that robe I noticed and I wondered if she’d noticed how excited I was for her?


I had this erotic dream and of course it’s all about her. I’ve had them before, but this one, it seemed so vivid, so real. She’s straddling me, naked of course, concentrating hard as she rubs the clear sticky stuff that’s won’t stop leaking from me into herself  with her fingers, her smooth pubic area in particular. Her mouth is in the shape of the letter o and I hear her moan softly as she rubs her self  as she runs the swollen purple tip up and down her crack, slithering and sliding it back and forth and as she presses me hardr into her its penetrating her slightly, and each time I sense this, I can’t help but strain myself and buck my hips as I try to get myself in further, especially the softer wetter more yielding part of her, which has to be her vagina.


“Sorry.” She said, stroking my hair. “I just couldn’t help myself.” She mumbled sounding embarrassed as I woke up startled. “Would you like me to stop?”  I bucked my hips and pushed some more and I slithered right in and it was as silky and smooth as I’d imagined. “Oh, fuck, that’s big.” She gasped as I filled her. “Ok, I take it that you want to play big boy. Good. But don’t expect much sleep.”


Sex with an older woman experienced in lovemaking is something to behold and cherish and I didn’t really appreciate that night that I’d spent with her until I was older, after I’d had chance to sample the delights of other women, and there have been many, none of whom measured up to her. Not even near. And she had been right, I didn’t get any sleep that night, not a wink.


The following day unsurprisingly I was late to college, but wore this smile on my face that stayed with me all day. But that one wild night I’d spent with her was it.  I never saw her again, not a glimpse and not too long after, she moved away.


To this day I still remember her, but I wonder if she was some high class hooker, but then that didn’t really matter.


How on earth can I ever forget a neighbor like that?

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  1. leo
    May 24, 2016 at 7:06 am

    I had a neighbour just like her, it took some time but I did manage to dick her, eventually. She was thirty years older than me but still a peach, married too.

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