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First Encounter With A Married Woman

This woman, I still dream of . I will never forget her. My only wish is that I’d done more. [usr 10.0]

San Remo Towers an aging apartment block in Bournemouth on a beautiful warm Sunday morning in July 1977.

My friend rang the bell for a third time and this time his patience was wearing as thin as his hair was prematurely receding. Still no answer and now he knocked as well. Loudly, the sound of his knocking reverberating down the corridor. A lot. In fact a great deal. Somewhere in one of the other flats a dog began to bark. Someone shouted, “Fucking shut up. You know what time it is for Christ’s sake? In one of the adjacent flats a baby started to cry.”

“You sure he agreed for us to come quite so early?” I found myself whispering, although I’d already asked him three times.

“Yes of course I’m fucking sure. I’m not a bloody idiot. Eight o’clock, on the dot he told me.” He, my friend with the not so good knowledge of cars, in fact zero knowledge of cars, had a couple of days earlier got me to come along to look at this old Jag he’d seen for sale, a 1966 Sherwood green S Type.

Only seventeen at the time, but with a far superior knowledge perhaps of girls, (having been to an all boys school, when it came to the fairer sex I was seriously lacking in that department, as naiïve as they came – not that I didn’t have those normal longings for the opposite sex a boy in his late teens should have, it was just that, well I just hadn’t done it) but nevertheless possessing a far better knowledge on cars than my friend, and he’d begged me to come along to take a look, coercing me with a couple of pints. I loved Jags and have climbed all over it, I gave this one a once over and gave it the thumbs up.

Yep, as far as old Jags go, it was a good ‘un, especially as it was a manual and on wire wheels, a bit rusty here and there, but nothing horrendous, they all suffer with that. If he could afford to put the fuel in it that is, which I doubted, but that wasn’t my worry.

But rather than buy it there and then, we’d gone away, my friend had insisted, left the owner, a nice bloke in his early forties open mouthed, told him we were going to look at another. The ruddy liar.

Told me he’d get a better price that way and blow me, he was right, a better talker than me and he’d talked and talked on the phone with the owner, finally agreed a steal of a price and here we were, picking it up, this time, me, his chauffeur.

The dog stopped barking, but we could still hear the cries of the baby we’d disturbed. My friend swore under his breath. It looked like we’d wasted a couple of hours and were going to have to come back another time.

One last try he said and on the verge of knocking again, suddenly the door swung open there he was, the owner. Then I got a shock when I saw her and honestly, of what I saw, my jaw didn’t just fall to the floor, it dropped through it.

It was a Sunday morning, early, 8 o’clock, when most decent people were still in bed, just as these two must have been – That is until we’d (more my insistent friend) disturbed them and wrenched them from their bed with his persistent knocking.

That unshaven disheveled appearance that the Jag owner had, his greying longish hair all over the place, bare chest and wearing striped blue and white boxer shorts and little else. And his girlfriend, wife or companion, whoever she was, wearing his dressing gown I guessed, her face flushed, that rich after glow of a recent encounter under the sheets. Fuck, was I was jealous or what?

Who she was I had no idea, she’d certainly not been here when we’d come to view the car, there was no way I could forget her.  For a split second the gown fell open, rendering me, (I’m not sure if my friend noticed), a healthy glimpse of breast and a lovely large nipple , before she had chance to hastily gather it back around her svelte form.

There was no doubting it – they’d been at it, heartily. I felt for them, disturbing there quality time, but at the same time I felt one hell of an embarrassed. My friend, not normally so quick witted, but in this instance it must have been blatant enough to make him realize, spotted the rather awkward situation straight away.

But it was her. Oh my God, in her early thirties  she was,  so gaspingly beautiful, her sexed up dark blonde hair, short in a Purdy style, hazel green I’d like to play with you eyes. So sultry, so very, very sexy. There was something about her. Even though she had to easily have been twice my age, I didn’t care, my youthful hormones rampaged. I wanted her.

They’d obviously been out the night before, she wearing eyeliner and the faded remains of bright red lipstick and I so wanted to kiss those soft lips of hers.

She stood alongside him, this lucky guy, he didn’t appear worthy,  one of her hands clasping the front of the gown across her, trying her best not to allow us another eyeful of her adorable lilly white flesh, holding it closed tight around her, her pert breasts unfairly concealed, a pair indeed and well formed I noted, with her other arm stretched up behind him, her fingers caressing his neck in a more than playful manner, while she gently rubbed herself up against him like a cat on heat.

Her eyes had been all for him the entire few seconds that it had taken to open the door,  but then, first she saw my friend, I could see her as she looked him up and down, her eyes refecting no interest, then she moved her attention to me and her tongue ran around those lucious lips, her eyes smiled up at me and I was almost certain I saw her wink.  I had to look away.

“We can call back later.” My friend managed to stammer hurriedly, his voice faltering.

“No, no, it’s fine. Come in, come in.” The owner of the Jag pleaded, obviously wanting the car gone. “You got the money?” He asked seemingly more interested in the loot than anything else. I know where my preferences would have lain.

The owner grabbed some open toed sandals and a short sleeved shirt from the bedroom then lead the way into one of the rooms that lead off the small hallway. “We can sort out the paperwork through here.”

My friend followed him and I was about to as well, when she, falling behind all of us, pulled me back, taking and squeezing my hand. I stopped. She smiled mischievously at me, opened her mouth and whispered into my ear….

“And you young man, while they’re sorting things out, you can make…… “ I was so taken aback and lost in my own thoughts. She said it so sexily, so suggestively. God, surely she didn’t want me to… to make love to her did she? Surely not and with those two so close. I’d visualized her laying beneath him, her legs splayed wide apart as he pounded into her and instead now it saw me I saw , pounding hard into her.

But my furtive young over active sexed up mind was racing ahead, jumping to the wrong conclusions, because then she ruined it all as she finished her sentence, “… can make…… tea with me.” And she laughed, obviously knowing what I’d thought, greatly enjoying the tease. But I didn’t care. I was very much enjoying her teasing, her flirtatiousness and suddenly I decided I wanted to marry her. “That is, if you want to.”

“Yes, please, I’d love to make tea with you.” I mumbled back, but I’d have loved to have said something else. “Come along then whatever your name is, this way.”

“It’s Mike.”

“Come along then Mike, let’s make tea.” She got me to sit down at the kitchen table and I could see her watching me in the reflection in the window as she poured water into the kettle.

“Your girlfriend – Doesn’t  mind you having such grubby fingers?” I glanced down at my hands, I’d been tinkering with my elder sister’s Mini the night before, I should have washed them with Swarfega, but then I hadn’t been planning to run into her.

“I don’t have a girlfriend. “She looked surprised, but tutted and laughed, told me it was probably because my fingers were so dirty.

“Come here and wash them in the sink.” She poured some hot water into a bowl and standing close beside me, supervising, checking to make sure I did exactly as she ordered.

“Lovely long fingers you’ve got.”

“Thank you.”

“They’re really lovely. Artistic in fact. You must play the piano with fingers like that?”

“Funnily enough, I used to. My parent’s paid for me to go to piano lessons a few years ago, but I never really took it up, I got more into cars.”

“That’s a real shame. It’s a gift being able to play a musical instrument don’t you think? But what big hands you’ve got.” She purred, adding huskily. “I do so like them big.”

“Thank you.” I heard myself repeat for some reason although I had no idea as to what i was thanking her for.

“Tell me Mike. What size shoe do you take?”


“Really? Gosh, you are large.” She laughed in a mischievous way and I was sure she was referring to something I hadn’t cottoned on to. “You know what they say about men with big hands and feet?”

“No.” I replied dumbly. A thread hung loose from her ill-fitting dressing gown, right on her breast and she tugged on it to break it off.

“You are naive aren’t you?” She chuckled, finally freeing the piece of cotton, accidentally allowing me another flash of breast as her hand tugged on the thread a little to enthusiastically, doing nothing for my  already pronounced excited condition.

I sat down, more to hide myself than anything, still unsure what she’d been on about, my fingers smarting, sore from the vigorous brushing I’d just inflicted on them, but they were a damn site cleaner than they’d been for a long time. I crossed my legs.

“Here,” she said, you’re going to need this I think,” and she threw me a towel. Did she realise I was on the brink of loosing my load? Then I realised it was to dry my hands.

“Tall as well aren’t you? How tall are you Mike?”

“A fraction over six two.” I said proudly. For a woman, she too was tall, five seven maybe five eight, but with my height I towered over her, and I’d liked it as she looked up at me and I couldn’t help myself as an image appeared in my mind of me and her together, both stark naked, making passionate love.

“Really? That is a healthy height and what, you’re nineteen, twenty?”

“Nineteen.” I lied, thinking she wouldn’t believe me if I told her I was twenty, but for some reason I didn’t want her to know I was only seventeen. She shivered for a second as if she were cold, then as something appeared on the floor beneath her, turning away slightly I watched out of  the corner of my eyes as she surreptitiously put her bare foot over it. God, she was leaking semen, or something, it must have run down her leg.

“So, tell me.” she continued, still stood on the little wet patch she’d created. “If you’ve no girlfriend, what’s a good looking young man like you do when he wants sex?  ” I was absolutely flabbergasted. I had no idea as to what to say. What could I say? I squirmed awkwardly in my chair, watching her as she made the tea, and I realized, at sometime she must have put on fresh lipstick and tidied her hair and I was sure she must have put on additional eyeliner, because her eyes looked even more intense than they had before, almost, let me think of the word, wild, that was it. Wild, like an animal on heat.

“So for sex, let’s see, hmm. No girlfriend, right?”


“Ok, so let me think.” She was playing a game and I knew I was going to loose. “Oh, I know. You have to be into wanking.” She laughed.  “You must be. All the boys do it. Don’t be ashamed. My brothers did. In fact I’m pretty sure they still do.” She casually put the lid on the tea pot, put the tea cosy around it, then in a whisper told me. “Can I tell you a secret?” As I raised my eyebrows inviting her answer she said openly with a naughty. “I mastrubate.”

She moved behind me, ever so close, but not so close so I could feel her body brush mine, but nevertheless she was close enough and I could feel the warmth of her body through the thin white t-shirt I wore and she was close enough for me to smell her and I’ll never forget what I smelt for as long as I live – She smelt womanly and that made me want her even more.

She grabbed my hand, no warning whatsoever and God she was strong, pulled my arm backwards, hard, thrusting my hand under her dressing gown, in between her legs, nestling it into the warmth and wetness that lay there, squelching my fingers into her.

I wriggled, sort of attempted to pull away, but she held me there, began moving herself against my hand held rigid, slipping and sliding my fingers over her wet sex, with horror of horrors, my friend and worse her boyfriend only feet away, the other side of the thin sliding door in the room next door.

“Your boyfriend?” I whispered frantically, sure I was going to get well and truly caught with my hand up his girlfriend’s cunt.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” If she hadn’t been engaged in having her sex manipulated no doubt at this point, she’d have laughed, but she was concentrating hard and remained tight lipped. “He’s just some bloke who picked me up in a club last night. I’m married you see, but my lousy husband’s been screwing his twenty one year old secretary. So, let’s just say it’s pay back time and I’m on a bit of a cock frenzy.”  She closed her eyes, returning her thoughts to her own pleasures. “Now please, shut the fuck up. I want to cum. ”

I could still hear them talking next door, but still she held me, strong as an ox she was, her other hand planted on my head, holding herself up while she continued riding my hand, my heart racing, worried we’d be caught, but rigid as hell down below and now I was moving my fingers, wriggling them on her, helping her on her way.

Save for little heated gasps she fell silent. The room next door fell just as silent. I was sure this was it and I was going to get well and truly caught.

She shivered, her fingers on my head digging deep into my skull, then gave an unbelievable gasp, pressed my hand even harder into herself, three of my fingers slipping easily inside her and she collapsed against me panting.

Her hand released its grip on mine and she pulled herself away, my fingers slipping out of her vagina covered in her excitement. She gathered the dressing gown round herself then, as if nothing had happened, asked me if I wanted tea, and I don’t know why, it all felt like a dream, I almost convinced myself nothing had happened, that it had all really been a dream – but the evidence almost dripping off my hand told me otherwise.

The door slid open and her boyfriend or whoever he was looked in. A strong feeling of guilt overwhelmed me and with my legs under the table and out of his sight, I secretly wiped away the evidence on my trousers, just in case.

He told us that they were just popping down to the garage in the basement of the block to look for the log book in the Jag because it was missing and also he wanted to do a final check to make sure there was nothing else left in the car that shouldn’t be and that they’d be back in a few minutes.

She waited a few seconds for the sound of their footsteps to disappear then no sooner had she heard the front door close behind them she grabbed me, thrusting her hand down my trousers.

“Cor fuck.” She said, “Just as I thought. It follows. Big hands and feet.” Then still grasping me in her hand went on. “No disappointments – Nice and big down there too.” She let me go and for a moment. I felt relieved, but then she started grappling with me, playfully at first, and managed to pull off my t-shirt, waving it above her head victoriously as she exposed my body. “Oh, aren’t you nice and tanned and, what a sexy lean physique you’ve got.” She purred. Well that comes with working in my summer holiday before I want on to my second year in sixth form for Bournemouth Corporation as a deckchair attendant, but I wasn’t going to tell her that then. I had more pressing things to occupy me, like keeping my trousers on. I fought her, wrestled to stop her, honestly, but somehow she managed to pull the belt away, then yanked them down and my underpants too.

“Fuck.” She said looking at my penis as it bobbed about in front of her standing to full attention for her. “That is damn nice.” She drooled. “I’ve got to have you. Quick, get up on the table Mike.” then added in a husky don’t fucking argue with me voice, “I want that in me now.” And I watched gob smacked as she peeled herself out of that dressing gown, momentarily frowning at me for my reluctance, pushed me backwards, literally forcing me down onto the table, almost sending the teapot and the two cups and saucers that still lay there flying.

Flat on my back she flipped off my trainers. I still had my underpants and trousers around my ankles and she tugged those off too, then hungrily climbed up on the creaking table with me, desperately wanting my cock.

“As soon as I saw you I wanted you.” She said breathlessly with more than a hint of excitement in her voice.

With her hands gripping my shoulders, she threw one leg over me,  and straddled me. Me powering up towards her, not quite making contact with her, she reached down, searching in between her legs, took me in her hand and guiding me to her warm wet juicy flesh, she held me for a second at her oh so inviting wet entrance, gave me a quick smile then rounding her mouth and making a soft oohing sound, lowered herself,  engulfing my pulsating throbbing member in one thrust into that beautiful velvety vagina. “My God, there’s more,” she gasped in a shocked voice, wriggling down further, getting me fully inside her. “Shit. I’m a lucky girl finding you.” It had been one vicious mouth watering swift maneuver she carried on me and of course, it being my first time ever with a woman, as she began her moving on me it didn’t take her long to get me to my critical point of release. I mean I was already very close to the brink before this all happened and now…

“I’m going to cum.” I hissed anxiously. “You on something?”

“Yes, yes of course I am. Just give it to me, cum. Cum in me.”  She must have already felt me building, recognized from experience that point in a man when he’s about to do his thing and riding me ever harder, contracting herself on me down there for all she was worth and I couldn’t do anything else except commit to just what she wanted. I gushed into her, flooding this woman who was old enough to be my mother with what seemed like a bucket load of my virgin semen, giving her a good weeks worth of my abstention since I’d last cum. (Too busy what with the cars and the deckchairs.)

She lay on top of me panting, her flushed face against me, squeezing me gently in her, milking me for my last drops, her warm breath playing on my neck, allowing me a chance to recover a little. I went to say something, I don’t know what, but with her eyes wide, she put her finger to my lips for me to shush, and both of us listened hard to see if we could hear them. Thinking my ordeal was over, and expecting her to climb off, I soon found out that it wasn’t to be the case.

It was my fault of course, she must have been delighted when she realized my cock hadn’t ebbed in her, not in the slightest. What with the excitement, and more so, her of course, and I remained rock hard inside her. Of course I wanted her again too, but I was shit scared of getting caught.

With no sounds from them she smiled like a Cheshire cat as she made the decision she was about to get more cream.

“We’ve time. I want you again.”

“No, we’ll get caught.” I agonized and tried in a vain way to push her off me.

“Stay there.” She ordered. “That cock’s not going anywhere.”  She barked at me menacingly, obviously displeased that her pleasures looked as though they were about to be curtailed. “Just shut up and do it.” But still wriggling to break free from under her, she decided to take a softer line of approach in her longing for a second fuck, (or in her case her third or even forth fuck that morning.) “Come on Mike,” She implored.” Please.” Leaning forward she ran her fingers through my shoulder length hair and taking the struggle and my breath clean away, she kissed me, with those lovely soft lips of hers, a long passionate snogging kiss, her tongue ravaging my mouth. I pulsated inside her and she felt my cock response.

She moaned and my mind now changed, I kissed her back with equal passion, our tongues clashing as we raped each others mouths. My hormones wanted more of her too and I couldn’t care less if we got caught.

“Good,” she said. “I take that as a yes then?” I blinked and she smiled. “Come on then.”She hissed heatedly. “Let’s get on with it.”

She immediately began moving her body, circling her vagina  on me, first one way she went, then the other, first slowly, then increasing the pace to such rapid motions, repeatedly clenching and then unclenching me  in her vagina. “That’s so nice, I’m so fucking close.” She gasped. “Squeeze my breasts. No, harder, harder you fucker.” Already doing my best i thought, she took my hands in hers, squeezing them even tighter on her breasts. “That’s it,” she gasped, “Squeeze them as hard as you fucking can, dig your fingers in, pinch my nipples, get them between your fingernails, that’s it. Harder”

Her eyes shut tight, her mouth wide open, shivering and screaming, she threw her head completely back,  and did she ever cum, her body shaking, convulsing in wild spasms, her vagina clenching me vice-like and from somewhere deep in me I began my pumping and did I ever pump, firing load after load into her tight as fuck vagina for what seemed like hours but must have been only seconds. And then I lay there drained and dazed.

She must have thrown herself off me, because when I looked up, she had that drab man’s dressing gown back around her and was jamming some tissues up in between her legs, mopping herself. “You don’t cum by half measures do you? If I’d not been on the pill you know…..”

“I’m sorry.”

“No,” She laughed. “for Heaven’s sake, please, don’t apologize. It was fucking great.” Taking the teapot in her hand, she poured the tea.

“So what are you going to do?” I asked her.

“Go back to my lousy husband I suppose. What else can I do?” I shrugged looking rejected, but she must have sensed I had developed feelings for her. “Oh, Mike, you didn’t think I’d run off with you did you?” She came over to me, took my chin in her fingers, pulled me towards her  and kissed me. “God, you’re so sweet. Come on now. You’d better get dressed.” She said with a tinge of reluctance in her demand, but then she realized what I didn’t want her to realize.

“Oh my God. It was your first time wasn’t it?” I looked away from her eyes and it confirmed her suspicion. “I should never have done that to you. I’m so sorry Michael. If I’d have known… Christ.” She saw me shake my head, but she knew, absolutely that it was. “You’re not in love with me are you silly sausage?” I shook my head again, but I felt, odd, I felt something for her and i shouldn’t have done. “Now look at me Mike, and listen. You’re a great guy and really good looking.” I laughed. “No I mean it, really good looking.” I looked away again shyly, “You turn heads, you certainly turned mine.

In time you’ll meet loads of girls, you’ll have no trouble pulling them, take my word, what with your looks and don’t believe any woman when she says that size doesn’t matter. With what you’ve got down there you’ll have to fight then off. Then one day you’ll find that special girl and you’ll settle down and have lots of kids.

Now bloody well pull yourself together and snap out of this nonsense and promise me that you’ll forget all about me will you. I’m just a stupid female who’s going through a bit of turmoil in her marriage that’s all and I’m afraid you came along.

“When we’ve gone are you going home to your husband, or…?”

“I don’t wish to be rude, but, don’t you think that’s my business Mike?”

“I’m sorry.” I so wanted her again. “Look, I don’t suppose we could do it one more time could we.?” She looked at me surprised.

“Are you joking?”

“No. I’m deadly serious.” She couldn’t have missed my cock which had regained its fullness.

“Fuck it.” She said sliding the dressing gown off. “It had better be damn quick though.” And we plundered each others bodies for a third time.

“They’re coming up.” She whispered seconds after we’d finished. and we’d only just got decent. “Please, don’t say anything will you? This was between you and me. Understand?” I nodded. “Promise?” I nodded again then she added with a smile, “I would have liked even more you know, but there’s no time.”

“So would I.” She smiled again, mouthed thank you and blew me a kiss.

“Tea?” She asked them seconds later, calm as anything as they joined us with the log book which fortunately had taken an almighty search to find,  but as I watched her I noticed an almost indiscernible tremor  to her hand as she poured.  She looked at me warmly as she handed me my tea, raising her eyebrows then glancing down and I realized my zip was undone.

“You alright Mike?” My friend asked?

“Er why?” Thinking he was about to mention my state of undress.

“Your hair. It’s stuck up like a ruddy Mohican.” All of them turned to gape at me. The two guys laughed and annoyingly so did she, but with a smirk on her face. Embarrassed. I quickly brushed it down. My face felt as though it was on fire, they had to have noticed the redness of it. She glanced down again anxiously and I realized it wasn’t my zip she had been trying to draw my attention to. It was the soggy tissue on the floor at my very feet that she’d used to mop herself with. I stretched down casually, picked it up and squeezed it into my jeans, what was on there seeping through the lining of my pocket.

As we drove away, I had such lingering thoughts about her and wondered had there been more time what else could have happened? I did ask my friend later, in a roundabout sort of way if he knew anything about the woman.

“You fancy her don’t you? She’s old enough to be your mother. But, I must admit she is a stunning cunt. Liked to have got my leg over that.” Apart from that worthless input unfortunately he knew no more than me.

Much as I’d liked it to have been true, the notion that as soon as we’d gone she’d be going back to her husband was ridiculous. I had to face the facts.

She’d stormed out at some point the previous day after a big bust up with her husband after  finding out he’d been shafting his twenty one year old secretary. Itching to get picked up by the first man that came along, it was Jag man’s lucky night.

She’d been completely naked under that dressing gown, not a stitch, nothing. Heaven knows how many times they’d done it. She was hot for cock. Without a shred of doubt, as soon as we’d left, they’d have been at it again.  Would he have noticed that she was somewhat wetter? Personally, I don’t think he’d have cared.

They couldn’t wait to get rid of us. Little more than five minutes after our encounter, more or less as soon as we’d drunk our tea in fact,  we were anxiously ushered out, obviously in their longing for more, him for that fabulous cunt of hers, she for more of his cock.

She was right. I did eventually meet a wonderful girl and I fell head over heels in love with her. We’ve been married now for over thirty years and one of our two children has just had their first baby so now we’re grand parents.

I never did see her again and over the years I wondered if she ever got back with her husband.

But I never got over her. I suppose I should have told my wife, but  I didn’t, nor come to that, anyone else I know. It was a secret she’d asked me to keep, something special between us that I never wanted to share, not even with someone I’ve loved and always will love with all my heart.

And if that woman had ever walked back into my life and asked me to marry her, I would have done.

I never did get to know her name, probably for the best, but I’ll never forget her.

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