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Game Set and Match with Three Younger Men

I couldn’t have had a more idyllic life. I have a loving husband who dotes on me, three lovely teenage kids that I adore with all my heart, a beautiful home, and we’re more than secure financially, I can have anything I could ever want.

But I lacked something. Or rather I had done, because now it’s different. Very different. Let me tell you more.

After we’d had our third child, (all girls incidentally,) we decided that was enough and we discussed at lengths the methods of me not conceiving again. Besides, it had been a difficult birth, I’d nearly lost her and I didn’t want to go through it again, so measures were drawn up.

I like sex, very much, my husband does too, so the birth control needed to be more than any temporary unreliable method. So at twenty nine I opted to have myself sterilized.

After the little op sex with my husband was great, at first. We made love every day, sometimes twice a day, but within a matter of weeks my husband wasn’t quite getting the same firm erections he used to before I’d opted for sterilization. Tiredness or some other reason we thought, but after several visits to the doctor, we never quite got to the bottom of it and his not quite erect erections continued. In the end rightly or wrongly I decided his inability to get a complete erection was because of what I’d had done. I was sure somehow he felt different towards me.

Never reattaining that full firmness, over the years I sort of got used to making love to him like that, but it was like making love to a different man. Recently though its taken a turn for the worse and our sex life has diminished markedly, mainly because of his new job and even longer spells away on business. In fact its reached such a low ebb its become laughingly abysmal. While I couldn’t help but believe perhaps that there were deeper reasons, even though he said he wasn’t falling out of love with me, nor was he screwing another woman, I couldn’t help but feel that he’d gone off me.  Worse, even though I keep myself nice and trim I had this sick feeling in my gut that he didn’t find me sexually attractive any more.

Unwillingly having to abstain from sex for such long periods was alien to me. I desperately needed to rectify the situation and a vibrator wasn’t the answer, I’d tried that. It needed to be something less mechanical.

‘Have a fling with someone’, a friend of mine suggested one day over a cappuccino as she eyed the dishy young waiter. I explained to Claire that I love my husband, it wasn’t an affair I wanted, after all I couldn’t hurt him, not like that could I? “Why does it have to be an affair?” She asked taking both my hands in hers. “Why can’t it just be a casual encounter with someone? You’re a highly attractive  woman. There are plenty of guys out there who’d give their right testicle to sleep with you. The chance to have raucous sex with a hottie like you with no strings, they’re gonna jump at the the chance and I promise you it’ll do you the world of good.’

I told her not to be so stupid, hottie indeed and I puzzled as to how she knew that it would do me the world of good? Was she speaking from experience? Surely she couldn’t have had someone on the side, not Claire, surely? Or perhaps she was seeing someone right now? As I asked her outright and she looked shocked at my suggestion and said of course she wasn’t, but there was something in her manner that told me otherwise, but I left it at that and didn’t press the point.

Refusing to drop the subject she went on to tell me whether I’d noticed the husband’s waiting outside school for their kids when I’d been collecting my youngest ogling me candidly, so she reckoned. Then as she took another sip of coffee she started to tell me something else, something about her seventeen year old son, then as if she’d changed her mind she stopped short.

“What?” I egged now desperate to learn more.

“Nothing, I shouldn’t have said.” Claire replied. “It may, I don’t know, upset you.”

“But you won’t I promise. Come on, please tell me.” I begged my friend.

“Well alright,” she tutted, “but don’t say I didn’t warn you. The other night, I caught Will, you know, doing it to himself, wanking as young boys do, and he only had a picture of you up full size on his screen, the one from Facebook of your holiday snaps, in that skimpy next to nothing swimsuit. You know, that photo Ron took of you last year in Rhodes.”

“Oh my God, never.” I felt myself blushing. “That must be the swim suit my husband bought for me, saying I’d end up with an all over tan and I have to confess I felt embarrassed at first, wearing it. It scarcely covered me, but once I’d tried it on I found I really grew to love it and I couldn’t help but feel good when I wore it, especially when I noticed the affect it was having on those randy Greeks.”

“When I asked my son what the hell he was doing, he gave me the idea that he’s not the only one who fantasizes over you.” She squeezed my hand. “Apparently, his whole class thinks you’re rather hot and I’m not surprised.” She laughed. “Just think, all those randy teenagers jerking themselves off thinking of you. If it’s sex you want my dear, you’ll have no trouble.”

Of course I put the thought to the back of mind, but then quite unexpectedly the solution came to me a few days ago when I broke down. Not me, my car. The engine just died and of course it had to be rush hour didn’t it, and even though my almost brand new little Alfa sports car was partly blocking the road, (half way on and half way off the express way), not one fucker be bothered to stop. They’d rather get all angry and irate and honk their horns as they squeezed their cars by, mouthing obscenities.

Being on my way to play a few games with a couple of friends at a club I belong to I was wearing my tennis gear. Playing tennis  is something I do most Tuesday mornings after the kids have gone off to school.

My husband was away yet again on business, but I called him anyway. He mumbled something about being busy and why I’d got him to buy such an unreliable piece of Italian junk. I wanted to tell him I loved the car, its looks, its individuality, but I didn’t. He told me he was in a meeting, suggested I called the Alfa dealer myself, after all the car was still under warranty. But when I called, the jumped up jerk on the other end of the line at the dealership told me that there would be at least two hours before someone could get out to me.

Of course the other drivers didn’t know this. They probably thought I was just parked there to fix my make up and the anger and verbal abuse continued. Desperate now, about to call one of my friends I heard the throb of a big motorbike as it pulled up behind me and I watched in the rear view mirror as the rider clambered off and approached my car.

You have to be careful, even in a busy open place like this, but as he pulled off his helmet and long blonde hair swept out the young man I saw looked rather handsome and I was grateful he had taken his time out to stop and help me as opposed to all the other idiots who’d rather hoot their horns and wave their fists.

Instructing me to turn the steering wheel, easily he pushed the car out of the line of traffic, (so strong) then had me explain what had gone wrong. He was so, I don’t know, calm, but at the same time efficient and commanding, taking control of the situation as he did. And I just let him, he was so polite and nice with it, in fact he bowled me over with his kindness, I guess I was already smitten with him, but the thought of having sex with him didn’t cross my mind, not at that point anyway.

Getting me to pull the hood, he took a quick look under there, fiddled with something, then asked me to climb over into the passenger seat, so he could try to get the little sports car started.

Sliding the driver’s seat right back to enable him to get his tall leather clad frame inside the car the kind young man told me his name was Mark and  he was a second year student studying law at the local University, and that his his sister had one of these and that was why he knew his way about them.

Many years ago, long before I’d met my husband I’d had this boyfriend who was a good ten years older than me. My first serious boyfriend, he’d owned a motorbike a Kawasaki Z1 and on that bike of his, there wasn’t much we hadn’t done, and my mother, guessing right that I was having sex with him, even though I said I wasn’t, loathed him. The sex we had, the thought of the things he did to me springing back to mind, I couldn’t help but feel kind of excited.

The young man tried the ignition switch and I felt more than overjoyed as the Alfa’s engine burst into life once more, his little fiddling under the hood having done the trick and he explained that these cars have a common electronics fault that if you don’t know where to look could take hours to locate, but if you know, takes a few seconds. All it needed a wire pulling off then reattaching and hey presto, its fixed.

Saying he’d move the car a little further onto the side of the road well out of the traffic, contact happened. I guess in some ways it shouldn’t have but after all it is a small sports car and somehow his big hand brushed my leg. Then as he goes to reach for the gear lever, it happens again but more lingeringly and in the intimate cockpit of my little Italian convertible with the roof up, this contact, albeit a brush, excited me and then sex more than crossed my mind.

That little touch ignited something deep inside me, making me smoulder and I ached for more and I couldn’t help myself. Wishing it hadn’t been the wire under the hod he’d fiddled with but me instead suddenly I see the piercing blueness of his eyes in the slightly askew rear view mirror and he’s staring back at me and his gaze holds mine and I’m trying to read the look on his face but can’t and I think he’s trying to read the look on my face and I hope he can.

He looks away and puts the car out of gear and pulls on the handbrake, this time his spread open hand doesn’t just brush my leg, it’s resting on the bare flesh of my lap and I don’t flinch allowing the touch to go on for as long as he wants it to and I lap it up and my mind’s racing, wondering if we could do it here, and worse case scenario if its not full blown sex, at least we could have a serious snogging session.

“Jeez is that the time,” he declared looking at the clock on the dashboard and almost as suddenly as he’d put it there, he took his hand away again telling me that he’d a ball game and he’d have to get going and and I felt like a teenager on a first date, my heart was pounding. Both elated but saddened at the same time, I found myself shaking, not with fright, but with arousal, raw arousal, and I know I was real sticky with my desire down there.

Scribbling it on a piece of paper I found in the glovebox he gave me his phone number, just in case he said, my car should brake down again, and I can’t be sure but I’m certain he gave me a wicked wink. I know he certainly smiled. Disappointed, I thanked him, took his number, tucked it safely away into the depths of my bag and once he got out I drove back into the traffic, to sadly leave my almost lover behind with his motorbike, trying desperately not to let him see me panting as he watched me and I immediately drove on home to seriously indulge myself in my vibrator.

I couldn’t do anything but think about him and when I got chance I checked him out. If he’d have left his hand on my leg for a split second longer, I’d have opened my legs to him there and then. Sure enough he was on Facebook, unattached and when I saw he had a twin brother who was jut as handsome I knew I simply had to have them both. If I was going to be unfaithful I may as well do things properly.

A few days later I finally worked up the courage to call Mark. He wasn’t surprised to hear from me and he made it easy for me.

“The Alfa. It’s broken down again hasn’t it?” He asked and I laughed.

Yes,that’s right,” I replied,”it’s broken down.”

“Hmm,” Mark replied. “What it needs is a serious servicing.”

“Oh, a serious servicing. I’m up for that. I mean the car. Umm, when can you fit me in?” And I’m not sure how, but his brother came into the equation and the next thing I know its all arranged, I’m going to meet up with them and its nothing whatsoever to do with the Alfa. I must have been so desperate, but I did it I finally did it and yesterday, while my kids were at school and my husband at work, instead of going to tennis, in a motel on the other side of town, we met up, the three of us.

We decided it would be better to meet in the motel room and so I’d arrived on my own, just in case there was someone who may have recognized me although it wasn’t likely as we were on the other side of town from where I lived. The room was booked under an alias and as I asked for it the young man, getting up out of his seat, gave me a long hard up and down stare, smiled and as I gave him the cash gave me the key, saying. “If there’s anything I can do for you miss, just let me know.”  He laughed in a knowing all too familiar way. “Your two gentlemen friends are waiting for you. End of the corridor, one flight up,” Then added, “Sweetheart.” and winked again. That wasn’t quite the plan, I was meant to be there first and they were meant to call me on my cellphone, but telling him I wouldn’t be needing anything else I took the key and the receptionist winked at me. He’d have to be plain stupid not to have realized what was going on, but he probably gets this all the time. Nevertheless, it excited me and I hurried off to the room and my two young lovers up on the first floor.

My nipples were so erect they were achingly painful, feeling as though they were poking out through the thin material of my bra and I was sure I was very, very wet down there. “Oh, hello,” they said as I tentatively found the room, inserted the key and pushed the door open and went inside. “Hello.” I think I croaked, my throat suddenly dry as a bone as one of them closed the door behind me and I must have sounded nervous, but I wasn’t, was I?

It was fairly dark in there, the only light coming from the bathroom the door to which was wide open. “You sure you want to do this?” One of them asked, I think Mark, but it could have been his brother Mike, it was hard to tell. “Yes, of course I do or I wouldn’t be here.” I replied with more confidence which seemed to reassure them. “Here drink some of this. It’ll help.” One of them said and I took the bottle, sniffed at it and he told me it was whisky.

I took a gulp, maybe too big a gulp and as it slipped down it burnt my throat and I coughed a bit. “She’s as pretty as you said,” I heard Mike tell his brother as they came closer in the dim light. I closed my eyes. One of them kissed me the other gently squeezed my behind. I felt fullness up against me. My white tennis outfit with the well above the knee skirt that didn’t quite cover me must have been pulled up and I felt hot breath down there, lips kissing, teeth nibbling gently and the whisky was working and I was feeling better.

While they kissed and caressed my body, I took another swig and somehow I found myself on the bed. One of them turned up the television, Mike I think, he said to subdue the noise and I heard myself giggle as they pulled off their clothes. I started to undress too, but they stopped me, “Please, stay just you as are, for now.” I heard one of them say, but I bit my lip my mouth watering as I saw their sizes, relishing in the sight of these two beautiful very erect penises, one that curved ungainly upwards the other straight as they come, but both in full readiness to fuck.

As they joined me in the king size bed I have to admit I was still very nervous but the two of them were just so wonderful soothing me with their kindness, their tenderness their little jokes and idol banter which helped too, not to mention of course their touching, and their seemingly continuous caressing.

One of them yanked at my bra pulling it down to expose my breasts sucking and nibbling my nipples, and the other, I’m not sure which one, I felt him, down there, pushing my legs apart, kissing the soft flesh of my inner thighs as he did so and then I felt fingers fumbling down there as they drew my thong to one side, exposing me and I couldn’t do anything but hitch my breath.

I felt his wonderful hot breath on me and his warm wet tongue as it found me, making me gasp as he began to lick and nibble on my clitoris, stabbing his tongue in and out as far as he could get it inside me. Desperately I tried in vain not to scream, only to have his brother kissing hard on my mouth and hungrily I kissed him back, tongue fucking his mouth while his brother tongue fucked my vagina and I couldn’t do anything but cum thrashing my head from side to side, my fingers in their hair, tugging, pulling on their long blonde locks as I shivered in a frenzy of glorious climaxes.

“Please,” I pleaded, as my orgasm eased, grabbing at one otheir cocks. “Please, I want you inside me. Make love to me.”

I think he asked me if he needed to wear anything and I faintly shook my head and telling me what beautiful breasts I have and he climbed over me and as he did I felt him nudge his tip hard against me between my spread legs and he felt big there, I mean really meaty and wholesomely big, and found my entrance, in spite of my sopping wetness it was really painful, and I moaned softly and he asked me if I was ok and I nodded, licking my lips and he continued, pushing himself gently in, slowly, saying something about how good it felt, how lovely and tight it felt, his tongue pressing into my mouth as he continued easing his large hardness further and further into me, where for so long only my husband had pleasured, and full of his manhood, getting used to what was inside me the pain subsiding, I whispered to him, “Fuck me.”

And oh yes he did it to me ok, so hard, so deep, starting slowly, really slowly, increasing the pace, to end up pounding at me slappng his body into mine as only a fit young man of half my years can, going far deeper inside me with each powerful thrust than I was used to and within a few seconds I had cum, then as I was well on my way to my second, briefly I opened my eyes and I glimpsed his brother and he was only videoing us, and I wanted to say no but couldn’t, the thought of what he was doing heightening my sexual pleasure and it certainly heightened my orgasm, crying out loudly as I came.

Our bodies drenched in sweat, his lustful eyes locked to mine, as he twitched and expanded his desire flooded into me, and I cried out as we kissed heatedly and when he’d finished, we lay there locked together in our post lovemaking, still coupled, our arms around one another.

Panting heavily for a few minutes, he stayed marvelously stiff and powerfully erect inside me and I could still feel him pulsing and twitching, relishing in the feeling as I allowed him to pump every last drop of his cum into me.

Still incredibly stiff but finally finished, running the back of his hand against my cheek he kissed me climbed off and as he lay there wiping our stickiness from his cock I took him in my mouth.

Feeling him draw close he pushed me away and as we kissed I had him inside me again, taking me for a second glorious time and this time it was better than the first, as delighting in his lovely movements once more I became his, utterly his and I wanted his all and for him to devour me – if I could I’d have had his love child and by now I’d completely forgotten about his brother as he continued to film us, I didn’t care.

Finally finished I jokingly asked for a new set of balls and they swapped, his brother tearing me out of my sweaty tennis outfit as he hurriedly undressed me to take me naked, and as I lay there sprawled on the bed desperate to be fucked again, with little to no foreplay he was inside me, my plan of asking him why he’d been filming us lost somewhere in our heated passion.

Alike in appearance they may have been, in their approach to lovemaking they couldn’t have been more different, that first time with him each time I felt him approach his climax he’d pull out and take me from a different position. I think he must have been studying the Kama Sutra or something, I must be supple contorting me like he would a rag doll.

No place was sacrosanct, doing it to me on the floor, up against the wall, doggy style, him on top in the missionary position, me on top, on our sides, if there’d been a wardrobe in there he’d probably have had me in there and on top of it as well. By the time he’d cum I think he’d covered every conceivable position in the book, touching parts of me deep inside that I’d never had touched before.

Conjuring up other ways to fuck me must have eluded him, because manhandled not so gently into a kneeling position, pushing my head forward, and with little formality slammed himself in, to take me roughly from the rear, doggy style, which he’d already done, his brother waiting impatiently in the background, stroking himself as he watched us do it, seemingly fascinated, he too no doubt conjuring up more activities of a naughty nature to engage me in when it was his turn to fuck me again and although I was looking forward to find out what they were, in the meantime I was very much enjoying being fucked by his twin brother.

How many times I did cum I am unable recollect, it was certainly a lot. Nor can I recall the number of times the two of them had me, but I can tell you that the volume on the television sure hadn’t been turned up for no reason.

Showering away the evidence afterwards, the two of them already gone, I was toweling myself down when there was a knock at the door. “It’s the guy from reception.” He shouted through the door. “I’ve brought you those sandwiches.”

But I hadn’t ordered any sandwiches and I was about to say as such when a wicked thought crossed my mind, after all I was still hungry. Not for food though and in spite of his boyish appearance he was good looking. I’d had the game and the set with my other two lovers, now I was time for the match. Adding another black mark to my already stained copy book wouldn’t be noticed would it. “Just a second.” I called out, wrapping the towel round me to hide my nakedness, gingerly I opened the door.

He was younger than I’d thought, much younger in fact but that didn’t put me off and as he held the plate of sandwiches in one hand and a glass of milk in the other I saw that he was shaking. However in spite of his apparent nervousness I felt his eyes were all over me and allowing the towel to slip a little more I gave them something to see, his cock probably already partly erect in this pre-planned charade now jutted noticeably out, his loose pants totally incapable of covering his arousal.

“I don’t recall ordering anything.” I said as I pulled up the towel so he couldn’t quite see my nipples, clearly disappointing him. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “Must be some mistake I guess, got to be for some other room.”

“Some other room? I see. Well, this could be your lucky day,” I retorted, “Because as it turns out I am peckish. Put them over there will you, on the bedside table?” I watched as nervously he walked across the room and did as I asked. “Thank you.” I told him as he put them down and he looked confused, his ruse to get into my room had worked, but now he didn’t know what to do. He probably had no other intention than to have a gawp at me and jerk himself off later, but now he was about to get more than that. Considerably more.

“That will be all young man.” I said dismissing him, tutting at myself as I picked up one of the sandwiches, accidentally allowing the towel to fall revealingly, tantalizingly lower this time, and now by the door I could see he was sad but at the same time kind of relieved to be getting out of there.

“Before you go.” I said, munching on the sandwich which after all the sex I’d had I definitely needed and it did taste absolutely delicious, but hopefully not as delicious as this young prey was going to be. “Just one thing.”

“What miss?” He replied, his hand firmly on the door handle, about to rotate it to freedom.

“I’d like to know something.” I said as I quietly stalked across the room to stand a hair’s breadth behind him.

“Yes?” He answered inquisitively not turning to look at me and I thrust my hand into his pants and grabbed it taking him by total surprise, asking him angrily. “What’s this all about then?”

“I err..” He sort of grunted, his penis jerking and jolting down there as I grasped it my hand. He swung round, pulling free, his state of arousal far from improving when he saw me naked, his look of confusion overridden in a blink of an eye with what I recognized as lust and now taking control of the situation, as he yanked his pants down, he pushed me forcefully backwards onto the bed and spreading my legs tried to get himself inside me, not quite making it, cumming wildly, spurting semen all over me as he came, before he got it inside, managing a but few far from adequate thrusts in me before he went limp, but still soaking me in there.

We lay there gently gyrating my hips in little circles under him trying to extract something out of this and finding something I shivered and he asked me if I’d cum. “Yes.” I replied as I shivered again. “I’ve cum.” And he beamed at what I said and kissed me.

“You know, I’ve never made a woman cum before.”

“Oh!” I replied, not knowing what to say but not surprised either and I asked him if he’d ever been with a  woman before and he said of course he had, loads, but I think he was lying. Jerked himself off countless times fantasizing over them maybe, but I was absolutely sure I’d just had a virgin. I pushed him off and he watched as I took a tissue to clean his cum off me. I don’t mind sperm on me, its good for my skin, but you know, it was kind of everywhere.

“What you going to do now?” He asked me thinking that was it and he’d have to go.

“Now?” I replied playfully. “Why if you’ve time I’m going to strip all those clothes off you and get you all naked then I’m going to see if i can get that cock of yours back to life. Then when I think its hard enough I’m going to give you lessons on how to perform oral sex on a woman and make her cum with your tongue and, if I’m satisfied, I mean real satisfied we’re going to do it again properly. At least twice more. That ok with you?” He beamed and nodded telling me his shift had just finished. “And by the way, during sexual intercourse, Its normal for a man to get his sperm inside the woman not all over her.” I laughed.

“Sorry he said, it was just…” And he was already more than at half mast, I could have taken him there and then.

“I know, I know, you’re just young, inexperienced and all that shit.” I smiled as I dabbed the last bit of cum from my breasts and his clothes in heap on the floor, naked as I was, he rolled onto his back, put his hands behind his head and as I proceeded to give him a blow job he’d never ever forget adding yet another star to his day’s encounters.

As somehow I drove home to my family afterwards, I felt guilt and remorse, yes, of course I did, but regret, definitely no.

In my quest for something else from my perfect life, I’d strongly considered turning to alcohol or drugs, but it wasn’t for me. Instead by seeking an alternative method I’ve found my way in life and even though I’ve broken a Commandment, I’ve found what I lacked, and I’ve taken it up, no strings, no commitment.

And should I feel the need, which I am sure I will, I’ve still got his number and I’ll take that same medicine again, but its unlikely.

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  1. katie williams
    May 18, 2016 at 10:15 am

    Wow. I’m going to take up tennis too. Any chance of a doubles match?

  2. Randy
    May 19, 2016 at 7:55 am

    Please I want you to do it again with them.

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