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Seduced by a Married Woman

“You want to do it though?” Luke asked her.

“Oh yes,” she said with such determination and conviction in her voice, pushing herself hard against him, “Because Luke, I’m going to get you to bury this so deep in me they’ll need to send a search party in to find it. But not here. We can’t do it here. It’s far too risky.”

“You stay. I’ll arrange somewhere.” He told her heatedly, writing down her number and leaving immediately Luke set off on his quest, while Rebecca rejoined the others.

It wasn’t a good time to find somewhere, Friday night. Most of his friends were either out or unreachable and the ones that weren’t out couldn’t help.

“Sorry Luke. Already overloaded to bursting.”

“Not even a sofa?”

“Sorry, no.”

“Can’t help Luke sorry.” Another replied.

“Shit, would really have liked to, but can’t. Sorry Luke.”Another said.  Luke sighed, but wasn’t going to give up yet.

“Try Martin.”Another suggested

And it went on and on and now Luke was contemplating fucking her round the back of somewhere he was so desperate. As a last resort, reluctantly he called Sylvester.

“Someone kinda special huh?” Sylvester asked.

“No, nobody special – Just some woman I want to screw.”

“By woman – she a bit older then?”


“How much older?”

“Fifteen years or so.”

“Hmm. Hot is she?”

“Yes. Very.” The phone became muffled. Sylvester talked to his mates.

“Ok we may be able to help – She into dap, dvp and all that, take a load in her mouth, bit of dogging, bondage, slapping about hard, take a bit of a flogging?”

“Er, not sure.” Luke gasped, pretty sure she wouldn’t be.

“She take a load in her mouth?” Sylvester went on. Luke grimaced.


“You into sharing her?” Sylvester asked.

“Er, perhaps? What’ve you in mind?”  Luke replied hesitantly with a quiver in his voice, not quite sure if Rebecca would appreciate being shagged by others in lieu of somewhere just to enable her to get him between her legs. More  muffled sounds came from the background on Sylvester’s end of the phone.

“Got a few guys here and you know what Luke?”

“No, but I expect you’re about to tell me.”

“They’re gagging for some mature pussy, Luke, posstively gagging.”

“How many? One or two?”

“Fuck no. Eight or nine and if she’s good I’ll throw in breakfast for her in the morning.”

Luke breathed in hard. He seriously doubted this would be quite the sort of bed and breakfast Rebecca would be anticipating. Luke was dithering for longer than Sylvester liked .

“Tell you what, why don’t you tell her it’s just one or two, sort of break the ice. The rest, well it’ll come as a bit of a surprise to her I guess, won’t it? I’ll tell you Luke, she’ll love it, love it wicked.”

Luke doubted it. He knew Sylvester. Whilst he was kind of weird, his weirdness was manageable, but he had some friends, really odd friends and his weirdness compared to their’s, well, by comparison he was a mere apprentice.

The description, pissed up, drugged up, fucked up sprang to mind. She’d be bound, gagged, then…..eight or so. And Luke felt as though he’d be responsible, an accomplice. Rebecca was a really nice woman. She’d never speak to him again – after Sylvester and his friends had molested her she’d cetainly never be able to speak to him again.

“I’ll pass on it Sylvester.” Luke heard himself saying.

“Ok, please yourself Luke. Only trying to fucking help.”

After Luke had called two others and still had no joy, now he’d reached the bottom of his list and he was out of ideas. Rebecca had been brought to simmer nicely, but time was ticking. A married woamn and all that. Too much time to think etc – He didn’t want her to go off the boil. Desolate he called her.

“For Christ’s sake – Get a damn room in a hotel or somewhere, any fucking where . I’ll pay. Just fucking hurry up, I want to fuck you.”

He called her back fifteen minutes later. He’d found some place and he told her where.

“Right. Got that. I know it and it’s a bit of a dive, but I suppose it will do. You just get there as soon as you can and be waiting for me in bed.” It was just after eleven thirty.

“You’re going where mum?” Rebecca’s daughter, fortunately even more sozzled than she had been earlier asked. Rebecca made up some cock and bull story about a school friend of hers who’d fallen on hard times after her husband had left.

“Never heard of her. Is she really an old school friend? ”Michael not quite as inebriated as his sister asked his mum. Rebecca did her best,   sounded convincing, or so she thought.

“Well have a good time.” Called out William. She felt bad, but couldn’t give a damn if they believed her or not. She was desperate to get herself well and truly laid.

“He’s not in his room.” She was informed when she arrived at the seedy hotel a half hour later. “The young man said he’d be back in ten minutes – and sorry, but he’s got the key.” The unkempt hotel receptionist explained as he gave Rebecca a knowing look, making sure he placed emphasis on the ‘young man’ part to her, a woman twice this young man’s age, who he knew would be shagging her senseless in a few minutes, the lucky fucker.

She waited in the seedy hotel’s lobby, the sort of place she’d never in all her life have dreamed of entering let alone having sex in and she hated to think what state the bed was going to be in. The place felt cold, unfriendly, the wallpaper peeled away from the walls and the carpets smelt of damp with a distinct hint of piss.

But then she’d not gone there for the ambiance or for the décor had she? This wasn’t the sort of place people came to actually stay at was it, after all? They came here for what she’d come for – To add another stain to the already stained and worn out mattress with a spring or two that would soon be poking into her flesh as he poked his cock into her.

Still waiting, she was about to call him, when the background music, the Carpenters, nice ’n easy listening, ‘I Won’t Last a Day Without You’ changed to Simon and Garfunkel’s, ‘Mrs Robinson’, the music featured in the Graduate, a film she’d seen years before. Then it had been Elaine Robinson, the daughter, who she’d thought of as herself, desperately, so wanting to marry young Benjamin Braddock, the part played by Dustin Hoffman.

Now, all these years later, as she sat there on that awful sofa in the foyer of that seedy hotel waiting for her own lover, she was Mrs Robinson instead, the adulterous bitch of a woman she’d so despised then and still did now. What was the difference? She closed her eyes.

‘No.’ she decided. ‘I can’t.’ She’d wait for Luke and tell him then.

And at last Luke arrived. “Rebecca. Sorry I’m late.” Instantly he saw something wasn’t right and he cursed himself for taking so long. He sat beside her on the grotty old sofa that reeked and took her hands, held them in his, but he could feel her reluctance, it was overwhelming.

“I’m sorry Luke. I can’t. I just can’t. My husband, my kids.” She shook her head. “You must understand?”

Somehow he realised it was futile arguing with her. He sighed.

“Another time perhaps?”He pleaded. Her eyes, misted, tear struck and red, but somehow she smiled. He’d so missed out. She kissed him, brushing her lips on his cheek.

“Yes” she whimpered, “Some other time.” then added, “Perhaps.”

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